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  1. Hi Melissa, I'm organizing my Skydive Sussex crew to be there. Can't wait to see everyone and thank you for posting. Downwindray
  2. When your non jumping girlfriend does something new in bed and you yell "BEER"!
  3. Kathy, your New York City friends express our deepest sympathy for your loss. Hang in there cause we love you. Ray
  4. Kip stops by our DZ every year. Good stuff. His website has everything you need as far as pricing and structure.
  5. You are correct. Sky's The Limits' Grand Caravan is there now being converted and will in Toronto with Jason flying next month.
  6. Hey Viv, we got about 20 New Yorkers coming down to party and jump. See you and Jason soon. Your good friend Ray
  7. Paul, STL is a good place to jump with a fast Otter. PM me and I will get you details. Ray
  8. Sweet, can't wait to see everyone! I'll be there the 2nd through the 12th. Hasta Luego, Raymone
  9. His lawyer, Mel Sachs, told the judge that his 30-year-old client had no criminal record and lives with his parents. He lives with his parents??????
  10. My parents have known I skydive and love the pictures and videos I've showed them for about 6 years now. When I told them about BASE jumping my Mom replied "you got a parachute right? What's the big deal? Let's see you jump." So we went to the big screen in the basement and showed them BD2004 video. Showed them the first ten mins or so then me and my friends jump. They laughed their ass off. We watched my FJC with three of my good friends and a few other things. My sister and and her family offered to by me jump tickets as they do at my home DZ for my birthday and Christmas. I am happy to have a very close family, it takes work.
  11. Stayed at the Shilo last week. Spoke with Sue the manager and she let us use the conference room to pack. Just check in with her about the room availability and clean up. I was surprised how many things they have going on in there. Oh the free breakfast is at Perkins, just flash your room key.
  12. They are in and will be in the process of moving the DZ operations to East Straudsberg, PA. till about Memorial Day weekend. I know there has been alot of questions of where they are moving but this is fact.
  13. Jimbo, Thanks, and to everyone with great advice. This issue will be addressed before anyone whom we feel is not safe puts on a parachute. Hopefully you won't have to read much more about this. Thanks Again, DWR