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  1. My understanding is that it was just the 1st and the 2nd of this month...
  2. Can anybody tell me about the T I/E standardization meeting?
  3. Friday Oct 29 Partly Cloudy Hi: 80° Lo: 52° Partly Cloudy. High 80F. Winds S at 6 mph. Air Quality: Good, UV Index: 5 0% Saturday Oct 30 Mostly Cloudy Hi: 74° Lo: 53° Mostly Cloudy. High 74F and low 53F. Winds SW at 13 mph. Air Quality: Good, UV Index: 4 0% Sunday Oct 31 Partly Cloudy Hi: 74° Lo: 55° Partly Cloudy. High 74F and low 55F. Light winds. Air Quality: Good, UV Index: NA 0% Weather looks good for the weekend.
  4. Jack, good luck to you. :) I only teach people that want to learn from me. It has nothing to do with speed. I once had a friend who put his skateboard trucks on backwards with similar results. he leaned right to turn left, and leaned left to turn right.
  5. Hello, I have been teaching SL students since 1992. This happens all of the time. the bottom line is, Your legs aren't out and you are backsliding. If your car is in park and you turn the steering wheel all the way to the right and put it in drive... what happens? you go forward to the right. but if you leave the wheel in the same spot but flip the transmission into reverse,... what happens? you go backwards to the left. SO.... If you know you have the "right turn" body input in, and it is working backwards, the conclusion is: you have your car in reverse. :) Stick you legs out to go forward slightly and everything will fall into place. pPlease arch more too. I've never met a student that couldnt use more arch in their body position. :)
  6. You guys, Come on out and see us at Skydive Mesquite. We FOCUS on training skydivers, not tourists. There are good instructors at the other places, but we run a different model/ business plan. I have been training skydivers in Las Vegas since 1992.
  7. How about reading the owners manual? :)
  8. Every so often, one of my students starts to put on and adjust their own harness.... I chuckle at them and say, "why do't you let me do that?, they told me if I ever lost another student they would suspend my license" then I follow up with, "actually it was down in mexico, so it doesn't really count against me" :)
  9. I sent an email about certifying you as suggested below. When were you thinking about doing this? Does everyone have their own INDIVIDUAL current copy of the IRM and SIMS? Have the prerequisites and proficiency cards been ccompleted by the candidates? If you are serious, please reply in private to me. THX, VegasJoe C/E & SL/IAD/Tan/AFF-I/E
  10. OK, So I just told Fred I would come up and teach for him at the Boogie! Who else is going up there? Anyone passing through Vegas? ARIZONA!, would you pick me up @ VGT? Anyone need a roommate? ;)
  11. BikerBabe brianfry713 Cashmanimal Feeblemind Flygirl Grannyinthesky jamiem Monkeyboy mswallin13 NWflyer sivaganesha vegasjoe wmw999
  12. Just to be clear. I am not looking to take a course. Now that I am an examiner for Strong and UPT/Sigma, I am interested in what others are charging because I will be extablishing a fee for my courses that do not undercut anyone, but are still a fair value.
  13. Hey Everybody, It is almost time for the American Boogie! We have 108 confirmed guests from our Facebook Event page and 54 now for the BigWay on Thursday. There are still a few slots available on the CASA and the 2 PACs, we are going to have a blast, and give our best effort to produce a completion this year. Give Collin or me a shout if you want on but haven't yet sent us an email. I'll see you all in a month, VegasJoe