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  1. This is because the center start stop bartak is a performance designs custom pattern. Your end start end stop is more than fine. If you really want to replicate tab performance designs Center type then you need to program it manually. However it is utterly unnecessary and a myth with many believers that Center Center Center has anything at all to do with lines
  2. There would be no advantage by applying silicone to the loop. Firstly, after a number of jumps, the loop will have been (from regular packing and wear) worn already and picked up dirt. However, the loop could be total garbage BUT with a properly lubricated cable, youd achieve exactly what youre looking for. In addition, by using silicone gel on the loop, you are also then getting it onto the cable....the cable that should be well lubricated. Despite common belief there are many excellent wet and dry lubes for good cable friction.
  3. Anyone have a link to this canopy on Youtube or any info on it? I know people are jumping them but there is literally nothing on the net about it...
  4. Why in the world would you switch from a Sabre2 to a hornet? I had a hornet for a week. It almost snapped me and another guy in half. Sure they fly GREAT if you're still conscious to enjoy it. Yes the 2nd gen does open a bit better but it's still a brutal canopy if not packed perfectly every time. Don't buy a 20year old canopy design. They don't make the hornet anymore for a reason. Ease of packing should never be a factor in canopy buying. If you have trouble packing new canopies, practice. They are easy once you figure it out.
  5. First, I havent updated my profile in years, secondly youve jumped ONE Xaos 27. Ive packed literally a half dozen different ones thousands of times and as a rigger with over 35,000 packjobs I can tell you that the 27 has the highest cutaway rate of any crossbraced canopy Ive ever seen. Some of them are so bad, that if youve never packed one, youre almost guaranteed to pack a chop within 50 jumps. To each his own I guess. Whats next, youll tell me you have a few hundred jumps on a Stiletto without a chop so that means its not a spin machine? Come on now...
  6. I agree with your impression that their post was a joke as obviously the statement I have quoted cannot possibly be serious! Xaos. Crossbraced canopy. 27 cells. Made by Precision. Known for being a cutaway machine. 6 more cells than a Xaos 21. Wheres the joke?
  7. Seems a bit high. That number could be accurate assuming you throw the container away like UPT recommends after 1,000 jumps...
  8. You obviously didnt read my whole post...And the Crossfire 1's that had that issue were all modified by Icarus. There are still XF1s out ghere that were not part of that recall.
  9. Downsize to a Crossfure 1 if you can find it. Only if its onebof the canopies that wasnt modded because of the recall.. Ive seen many X1 pilots outfly Velo's and other xbraced canopies repeatedly. They open way better too. Night and day cimpared to the xfire 2. Xaos 27 youll be chopping constantly. The X21 is better.
  10. I am trying to breakdown the cost per jump of the Sigmas...Does anyone know if their is published info on these numbers or a maintenance schedule or know first hand whatbthese figures are? These are my estimates: Replacement parts (i.e.) Drogues/kill lines, secondary bungees, main canopy replacement relines, etc) $5/jump Rigging (not including parts cost, only hourly rate for work) $3/jump. Thanks all
  11. Thanks for the info - Micro Sigma's are the same loops correct? Length wise...
  12. Very interesting and I did not know that. The reason I was considering making them is because Ive noticed the ones we buy (not sure from where but I know weve boughtt them from UPT directly) have a considerable difference in length...Even 1/4" makes a considerable difference in closing...I had a small collection going at one point and there was about a 1.1" difference between some of them... Most of them measure slightly shorter than spec... This brings me to wonder, do the "approved" riggers also have approval to sell them in bulk to places like Paragear or does everyone who buys them end up with UPT closing loops no matter who the retailer? Its just really annoying to buy 10 loops and 4 of them are too short or too long.
  13. Can someone post a link or give me a how-to on making Sigma closing loops? Thanks..
  14. I am looking for a rigger in the northeast to help me finish getting my riggers ticket...I am willing to lay down a hefty fee. I am a highly experienced packer and have trained with riggrers in the past however I need to quickly get my ticket...If anyone is interested or knowsof anyone who might be interested in helping me please send me a PM. Thanks.