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  1. I take this post again ... From what I read there are two sizes of sliders for Velocity ... so I assume I can mount the 84 slider on the 79, is that correct? Now I have the 79 with removable slider (of 79) but I would like to mount the collapsible one (of 84) ... Comparing them the removable 79 is smaller than the collapsible one of 84 ...
  2. Goodmorning everyone! we took a brother model KE-430F for the lines; the problem is that among the various programs there is 42 stitches with start and end at the side, but there is no 42 stitches with start and end in the center. I looked on the Brother website but I see that the stitching program is no longer on the market; has anyone available the file to import into the sewing machine? Help me please...