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  1. Hi..I had received a message from these Robert Harris that I didnt response cause he ask for my paypal account but I dont trust...some extrange explanation makes me suspect... How can I fing the profile of this guy...? Thanks stop falling...start flying
  2. Just an excuse for the mistake...nothing more!!! stop falling...start flying
  3. WTF are u doing in this forum???? are u this kind of people that used to shake the hen house.... stop falling...start flying
  4. 200 FREE jumps??? WTF are u talking about...I´ve been competing long time ago and never seen something like that... stop falling...start flying
  5. WTF are u talking about???... stop falling...start flying
  6. Well ...lot of people to answer, lot of questions to explain....hope dont forget nothing. Mr Jarno...I dont need the Alti, I just were waiting your explanations....from diferents ways your heard in Gap that people was not happy with your decision. Then, was not important for u. There´s not any competition where the last get better prizes than the first ones. A discount, please, is not really a prizes...its just a way to spend more money....maybe I dont need another WS. But it is not a question of money... I just open the discusion to read opinions about that. You talk about respect Jarno??? did u do it??? Your friends normaly are with u in their opinions, is normal....I would like to see them in the same situation... I dont care How much cost the Criptonita (trophy)...we pay 2000 euros in registrations so there was enought money for that... And for to finish, I would like to protest again about the prize for THE BEST CAMERA...Deepseed dont know nothing about the discount....U didnt gave anything in Gap, any paper or contact for that....what about???? Thanks again for to offer the Alti, but that was not my the Ceremony I felt swindled, and at home when I try to manage the Deepseed discount and they told me if I have any reference of this, it does increased...u think that this is normal???? stop falling...start flying
  7. Sorry but my mail was just a way to protest for a decision of the Competition Director, I mean, Mr Jarno. Far from create bad feelings in this nice tool that is the forum, this is my opinion!!! dont like too much???...sorry, is the truth!!! Mr Barns...grow up puppy!!! I think that I didnt begun insulted nobody....but if u want war Mr Barns...I´m ready!!! stop falling...start flying
  8. This is for u Elias...In my country people like u Its call "chupaflautas"....what u need to do its learn to fly and shut up!!!...when I was jumping from a plane you where wanking in your bathroom, so dont give me lessons about skydiving...I understand why Jarno and u are very good friends....!!! both are made of the same toy!!! stop falling...start flying
  9. ....well guys...I have a couple of discounts acumulated cause there´re not for the WS model that I want. For the crying guys I have to tell u that these discounts are personal, not for to sell it... Anyway if u publish in your website that there´re 3 Altitracks for the winners, don´t take personal decisions at the last moment and give it to the LAST...I dont need the alti, but I don´t want to shut up!!! I don´t compete for prizes, I compete cause I like to improve my skills...and its the best way for training hard. I´ve compete in differents disciplines, most of them have no prizes, just a recognition and your personal happiness. But when u are in the podium waiting for your prize, that never fuck up!!! Mr Jarno....u talk about a mail direct to u, isnt it?...I´m still waiting and explanation from u.... want to know anything else???...Deepseed, dont know about the discount for the best camera prize....can u explain me that???? stop falling...start flying
  10. Hi This is Daniel, from the Spanish BBteam, the 2011 Champions. Just want to thank Mr Jarno Cordia for let us without any type of prize. Maybe he thinks that this is the way to promote his competition, giving the best prizes to the last in the the prizes to the people that is starting in the sport or is just going to his boogies, but not to the people that train hard and pushing the sport to grow up. Mr Jarno Cordia publishes prizes in his web site that don´t give to the winners. Is there anything personal???? Dont know but me and my WS is no more compiting there. Thanks again Mr Jarno PD...train a bit more!!!! stop falling...start flying