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  1. flying_phish

    Collapsed Slider Still Noisy?

    Two words: Zip ties. Just tie one around either side of the slider after it's collapsed to collapse it further. Bring at least 2 on every jump, in case you drop one. You wouldn't want to induce a turn by tying off one end and then dropping the second tie. Also, be careful with the hook knife when you're taking them off on the ground. Two other words: Bluetooth speaker. Some of these speakers are pretty compact and powerful these days. Try a few different models, maybe one will be loud enough to drown out that pesky flapping. If you have a good local rigger, maybe he/she can even sew the speaker right into the slider for you. Just make sure he/she leaves a channel open to charge it between jumps. This method will also increase your safety factor, as other canopies can hear you coming.
  2. flying_phish

    Connecticut DZ?

    Awesome, come check it out! Organizers, food, beer, live music, swoop'n'chug obstacle course, probably a slip'n'slide. We're getting started on Friday if you can make it out early
  3. flying_phish

    Connecticut DZ?

    "The best"? Are you trying to start a blood feud here??? I jump at Connecticut Parachutists, Inc. (CPI) in Ellington. That's been my home for the last 8 years, so I love it there. But there's another great DZ in Danielson, and the people there absolutely love it too. CPI has a Twin Otter and a 182 and flies Friday-Sunday. I believe Danielson has a Caravan, 206, and 182, and flies all week if there's weather and jumpers (not sure what aircraft they fly when). Both are small turbine DZs, both have a homey, small-club feel. When will you be in the area? We're having our 58th anniversary boogie next weekend, registration is only $25
  4. flying_phish

    Swift 3?

    Agreed. I've jumped Sabre 2 and Pilot (150 at about 1.3 WL) for years and never had a reason to wish I had 2 fewer cells over my head. I'm not saying don't buy a 7-cell. Just don't rule out 9-cells just because they aren't marketed at wingsuiters specifically.
  5. flying_phish

    Cilliers Trial UK.

    It sounds like you and I have very different pre-jump routines if you don't think it's weird to Google the new guy between loads. People don't just go around Googling each other. How many skydivers have you Googled after you met them? Personally, I've never once felt the need to Google someone just because they showed up at the drop zone. People can't remember their own passwords half the time. The chances of anyone recognizing his name or his face in the year 2038 are not great. It's certainly not impossible considering the notoriety of this case, but I wouldn't count on it by any means.
  6. flying_phish

    Scotty Burns

    Did you really make an account on here just to shit on a dead guy anonymously for 4 straight posts? Classy move. Did it make you feel any better about anything?
  7. flying_phish

    16 year old skydiving

    Ah, there's the answer. Thanks, that clears it up. I just made the mistake of assuming that a board member's DZ would be a group member. Honestly, I would question the age limit as a BSR for tandems at all. The age of the tandem passenger seems like much more of a legal/liability issue in the US than a safety issue (provided the harness fits). But I guess the BSR is written for all skydivers, including AFF/staticline/any "solo" program students. And I would question the mental preparedness of a 16-year-old for the stress of a solo jump. I can think of at least one static line incident where this might have been a factor. So I don't mind the age limit for that. There might be merit to the idea of only limiting the age of solo skydivers, but the reality is that very little would change if the BSR did allow for "underage" tandems, since the major manufacturers here set their own age limits for tandems anyway.
  8. flying_phish

    16 year old skydiving

    No, of course not. But is West Tennessee not a USPA group member drop zone? Maybe they aren't, I don't know. Or maybe they have a waiver for their Australian TI with the French rig. I don't see anything wrong with 16-year-olds skydiving. But doesn't it seem odd to anyone that a USPA board member's drop zone would operate in violation of a BSR? I'm not calling for anyone's head here, but it's a curious situation.
  9. flying_phish

    16 year old skydiving

    I kinda hate to point it out, but... it's right on page 6 of the current online version of the SIM. It's a BSR: D. Age requirements 1. For skydives made within the U.S. and its territories and possessions, skydivers are to be at least 18 years of age. Interesting thing to me is that it says "skydives made within the US," so it really doesn't matter if the TI's license is through USPA, APF, or any other organization.
  10. flying_phish

    Gear Check!

    Ensure the cable ends are even? Quite the opposite if you have an RSL. (I didn't check if the rig in this video has an RSL or not, and the video is blocked here at work) With an RSL, the RSL side should have more excess cable through the loop so that it releases after the non-RSL side. Otherwise you risk the reserve pin being pulled while the second main riser is still in place. In the event that the second riser hangs up, could be bad news. I believe the RSL side is typically about 2" longer than the non-RSL side, but someone may be able to correct me on that number. While we're on the topic, though, it's not a bad idea to check the ends of the cables for burrs or edges that could damage the loop. I'd check it after a cutaway, repack, or any time the cables are taken out and exposed, but it's not part of my daily gear check.
  11. flying_phish

    Gatorz RX lenses

    Wow. I've been needing exactly this service for a couple years now. Definitely gonna check it out. Thanks!
  12. flying_phish

    Sky police on

    I don't know what he said to you, but I have to admit your classifieds postings raised a few questions for me. So I'm guessing that's what it was about. Not that you owe me an explanation, but it is a bit out of the ordinary.