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  1. jumpsalot-2

    Go-Pro Helmet Mounts

    Open face helmet with a cut-away chin strap is a better way to go ...... if you MUST use a camera. Beware of RSL activations and camera snags also.
  2. jumpsalot-2

    Central Cali DZ recommendations

    Tracy or Lodi
  3. jumpsalot-2

    Dave Meyers

    Sorry for your loss.
  4. jumpsalot-2

    Newbie Altimeter Watch Question

    What's wrong with a good ol' Altimaster Alti 2 ?
  5. jumpsalot-2

    I Downsized... AGAIN... Pt 2

    Glad you are having fun
  6. jumpsalot-2

    Sky Switches mouth camera switch review

    I think if it was critical to you ( I use a 90 deg tongue switch also ) you could send him your tongue switch and have him modify that switch. It would take longer with shipping, but you would be more comfortable.
  7. jumpsalot-2

    Canon dslr setup with tonfly helmet.

    Any model of Rebel. Tongue switch. Stock lens will get you started. Make sure to use a cut away system on your helmet. Buy that FIRST.
  8. jumpsalot-2


    What is your exit weight ? Total weight with cloths, helmet, etc, and rig (around 25/30 lbs).
  9. jumpsalot-2

    Balloon / Helicopter Jumps in Florida

    Do you have a B license ?
  10. jumpsalot-2

    7-33 cheap on chicago land

    That's a beauty.
  11. jumpsalot-2

    Hello fellow compatriots!

    My favorite colors are Yellow and Orange .... the colors of my reserve canopies ...
  12. jumpsalot-2

    Hi guys, someone from the Netherlands here!

    Don't worry about having a car. Quit your job and go live at the drop zone. Pack for jump money and food. You will be fine.
  13. jumpsalot-2

    Cessna 206 empty weights?

    More likely a fat portion of Cocaine stashed inside. Good luck in the hunt ......
  14. jumpsalot-2

    Hello from Maple Valley, Washington

    Good to hear from you ...
  15. Wow ... I thought you were JUST a great freeflier ....
  16. jumpsalot-2

    New in Orange, VA

    Have a great time jumping.
  17. jumpsalot-2

    Jim Dann, SCR 6, passed Aug 23, 2016

    I was listening to a pioneer skydiver talk about that first 8 way star at Arvin. It was a "There I was" story. He had a sparkle in his eye telling it. It must have been a great day for all of the participants. The fact that Donna was there was destiny.
  18. jumpsalot-2

    Canopy recommendations

    Fly what you own. Fly what you are qualified to fly. The video is in freefall... right ? Video after you qualify to jump with a camera, of course .........
  19. jumpsalot-2

    using zoom in free fall

    Use your index finger.
  20. jumpsalot-2

    Altimeter which can read altitude into headphones

    Is there a reason ?
  21. jumpsalot-2

    Fun jumping in Hawaii

    North Shore of Oahu. Pacific Skydiving Center.
  22. jumpsalot-2

    A6300 experience mounting

    Who makes / sells this cage ( I have an A6000 )
  23. jumpsalot-2

    human arrow project. Jeb

    Do you have a link to this awesomeness ?
  24. First you get one of those hand held torches from the hardware store. One rated for button work. Then you .........