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  1. good idea. germany is once a year.
  2. Hello, next year my Javelin rig is 20 years old. I bought it used and have 350 jumps on it. I do a lot of freefly and have a 150 sabre2 + 150 reserve. Maybe I want to switch to a 130 main in a couple of years. Instead of buying another used rig, I am thinking about buying a new rig thats fitting my body perfectly. I dont want to spend too much money. Therefore a new Javelin might be out of reach. What modern rig would you recommend, and why? I know there are a lot of subjective opinion around. But maybe there are some things to know. Like riser-covers not staying closed, loose fit, etc. BTW, are there rigs that are smaller than others (if they store the same canopy size)? Kind regards & sorry for any language mistakes.
  3. Add my girlfriend and me to the list... We paid via Paypal, Doug said "next week" for 2-3 months, when I finally wanted my money back, Paypal said "sorry, we only cover 4 weeks after purchase", and Doug didn't say anything anymore. Since we are located in Germany, it is impossible for us to force anything. I didn't expect to be ripped off that bad inside the skydiver community.
  4. I like the concept of separating the camera from the body. And I like the specs: 4K here we come!!! Great for editing. They probably use the 4K video source to crop & rotate (stabilize) the footage in camera. If it works good, its pretty sweet! [inline NY89929.jpg]
  5. I met Doug last month, and yes he is a nice guy. He said he will sent out an email with more information (options, etc.) within the next few days to all the pre-order people. This hasn't happened until today. To be honest, I wrote my money off. Since I am not a US resident, it will be hard to get my money back. It is unbelievable how bad they communicate. Especially since it is a running company...
  6. Please add Vimeo streams to Skydiving Videos.
  7. My girlfriend has problems flying a correct landing pattern (where should i be at which height). Maybe there ist the need for an iPhone app which uses GPS, and guides you (earphones?) to a spot-on landing. Canopy collisions are also an issue. Maybe you could have a beeper that goes when another skydiver is within 20 feet range. Like planes have it. /Jan
  8. I found it on Blue Skies Mag. Nice one! A tough one, and something for the girls: [inline arm.jpg] [inline girl1.jpg] [inline girl2.jpg]
  9. Another nice one from forum member Alex: [inline image.jpg] And some from the internet: [inline para.jpg] [inline image001.jpg]
  10. [inline tattoo2.jpg] [inline tattoo3.jpg]
  11. This is a picture thread. Feel free to post... Use this code to show your uploads: [inline your_attachment_filename.jpg] Lets go... [inline tattoo.jpg]
  12. Thanks for the link! This may be a workaround. It would be even better if I could embed my images from imageshack & co. /Jan
  13. Hi everyone, I would find it pretty useful to be able to embed pictures. Not just attaching them, but showing them inside a post. I´m sure you just hav to enable this feature, because it is possible in most other forums I know. It is almost 2014 and video streaming is quite popular, so there is no need to try to save user bandwidth with not showing pictures. Thanks, Jan
  14. Hey there, I will be visiting Cape Town around december. It is a business trip, but I plan adding 2-3 days for jumping. My first question: - What is the best place around cape town? I only found these two: (seem to prefer tandems) (1,5 hour drive away) I would love to sleep on the DZ and do 4-5 jumps a day. My second question: - I have a german license. Will they accept it? - Any other regulations I should know? Kind regards, Jan / Germany