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  1. > Hi Michael Mann, > > On 21-Aug-2011 someone submitted their contact information in response to your ad in the Classifieds. Please reply to this email to contact the person directly. > > Username => p_112 > > URL => > > Name => kenneth hines > > FromEmail => [email protected] > > City => london > > Country => England > > Comments => Hello i just wanted to let you know am interested in your > 9GIN NANO 12.5M,that goes for $1450 .i was actually browsing through your Ad and saw it on there and decided to contact you to know if its still available and in good condition... > > Am from the UK, and i will love to know how much you are actually giving it out for. > l will love to know whats your best offer for it and more details about it...... > Thanks > Ken
  2. Go on speedflying forums and look for the correct gear to use.
  3. First off you will get more info on the speedflying forum,because this is a speedflight you are attempting( are trimmed by pulling the rear or front risers down.Speedwings have adjustable risers for this reason.If you do it with a skydiving parachute I would suggest hooking it up to a base container with no slider,so the risers can spread apart for a flatter glide.I would not make the steering lines shorter.Make sure chest strap is wide open.Speedwings are attached at the hips like a paraglider,and have a glide ratio between 4-1Gin Nano,5-1Bobcat,9-1Yak(I think that is what they are)Most skydiving canopies are between 3-4,but are trimmed steeper(not as flat as a speedwing)Hope some of this helps.
  4. Why is it when someone post a question on this site that it turns in to a bitch fest?That's why I don't like to post on here very much.All I did was ask a freakin question.Who cares if it's not skydiving.Grow up people.
  5. That is somewhat correct,but the new sport is speedflying with sport specific gear.
  6. Look it up on youtube.There are a few of our videos on there under az speedflying.
  7. I am looking for any other speedwing pilots in AZ.Is there anyone down in Eloy who is speedflying?There is 3 of us up in Phoenix area,and looking to hook up with others to fly with,and maybe do some site sharing.Send me an email,or PM.Unless you know me and have my#,then just text or call.
  8. What he sent me originally. From: Michael Mann Subject: RE: Classifieds - Response to your Ad To: [email protected] Date: Thursday, October 29, 2009, 3:57 PM It is in great condition.It is still in trim.No rips or tears,and the lines are in good condition still.If you want it I will take it off ebay.Let me know where you are located so I can look up shipping costs.You can send money to my paypal account.The price will be $700usd + shipping.My paypal account is [email protected] If you send as a gift there is no charges for me.Let me know soon. Cya,Mike > Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 15:07:15 +0000 > From: [email protected] > Subject: Classifieds - Response to your Ad > To: [email protected] > > Hi Michael Mann, > > On 29-Oct-2009 someone submitted their contact information in response to your ad in the Classifieds. Please reply to this email to contact the person directly. > > Username => sonny001 > > URL => > > Name => Simon > > FromEmail => [email protected] > > City => > > Country => > > Comments => Morning, > Writing to confirm if you have the Main Canopy, Do get intouch with the price and the condition. > > Thanks and hope to hear from you soon > > -----------------
  9. Damn I got the same thing from the same person.So I should email this person back telling them to keep there money order?He didn't offer any extra money.I gave him all my info.What should I do here people?
  10. I never liked the waist strap for me because it makes the load go on your back,but will add it for whomever asks for 1.The shoulder straps do have loops.
  11. I AM TRYING TO GET FEEDBACK.SO I HOPE THE MODERATOR DOESN'T DELETE IT AGAIN What do you people think about these stashbags?I am making these oversized stashbags with a 1 liter hydration pocket built in.It has 2.5 in padded adjustable shoulder straps with a built in sturnam strap.It has a front sinch down strap.All very well made with a coated f-111 material(much thicker than regular f-111),and is water resistant. Dimensions are as follows; width-23.5 inches length-28 inches.
  12. I would like to hear from experienced wingsuit pilots that base.I am going to Norway and I have a Prodigy suit.I am not sure about what to do,and what not to do on a shitty exit.Like if I am heading towards the wall;what do I do.I think I have an Idea,but want to hear from some experienced jumpers.