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  1. veter_

    Moving On...

    Jaap, I'll join you for a 2-way. There's just too much bullshit here and too many morons. It's just not worth it. C-ya! Yuri
  2. veter_

    OZ Accident . . .

    Wow, that's a long delay from 1000ft. Last time my parachute opened at the last minute, I jumped from 13500ft in a wingsuit.
  3. veter_

    Flight specifications. Loic?

    And the main question: is there such a slope in New England?
  4. I would have jumped and flown for a couple of seconds. What a chance to experience ground rush without DZO complaining about low pulls!
  5. veter_

    any info on E in Ny state

    Add me to the list, please
  6. Yeah, it was a lot of fun! 100mph. The UFO turned out to be Mike's helmet which he lost in flight. Mike was about 300ft below and in front of me on our 6-way. Lesson learned: don't fly directly behind another bird at your glide angle!
  7. veter_

    Mr. Corliss on NPR

    Can't find it on their website
  8. veter_

    Wingsuit competitions: brainstorming

    I'm curious about possibility of using variometers (devices used by para/hanggliders) to measure true airspeed. Recorded airspeed, integrated over time, with combination of altitude data from GPS can give the true track trajectory as if the air was still. Another way to correct GPS data for wind speed is to throw some kind of wind indicator (small round parachute, for example, or a pillow
  9. veter_

    The Ground is the Limit... Video by Iiro

    Where can I buy it?
  10. veter_

    What did they try to do?

    [url]Another sequence[/url]