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  1. Jaap, I'll join you for a 2-way. There's just too much bullshit here and too many morons. It's just not worth it. C-ya! Yuri
  2. No kidding: there are freefly coaches, RW coaches, canopy control coaches, but no PLF coaches! I would take paid coaching from somebody who does PLF really well (like you do). I do want my teacher show PLF in real action, though - jump and PLF downwind landing, half-brakes/weak flare landing, rear riser landing, etc. You can become Scott Miller of PLF!!!!!!!
  3. Mike, sorry for your loss. I figure we birds are in a much better position than sit flyers in terms of avoiding collision with lost equipment - we look where we fly, have much greater maneuverability, and don't expose our asses to relative wind! C-ya around! Yuri
  4. Now I understand why you keep sending me your 2-page long PMs (7, no less!) and writing long posts on a subject you have no business in (Death Game). Your brain swole up too big for your skull.
  5. Brian, you are the world champion in wingsuit enthusiasm! I'm humbly taking the second place. I enjoyed your videos, and I'll definitely start screaming with joy in flight like you do (I'm starting flying camera soon). Counting jumps in miles flown? Excellent idea! Who needs altimeters, we want odometers!!! Who will it be, the first person to circumvent the Earth in wingsuit?
  6. At 10x number of jumps per year compared to yours 45.8JPY, and being a pornstar, I'm too busy to prove my credibility to Internet drones.
  7. SIM is unreadable. Its format (ala PowerPoint presentation) with all this multilevel numbering and indentation, with hardly any logical connection between the sections makes one wonder what weed they smoked when they were writing it.
  8. It's hard to visualize without video what you're trying to describe. Just remember that the speeds in skydiving are far greater than the speeds in martial arts. A downwinder at 30mph has 36x more kinetic energy than a 5mph judo throw. What works in judo, can cost you life in skydiving. For example, for a high-speed downwinder on a nice grassy landing area, sliding on your thigh is obviously the best (I did a 20-25mph sliding landing once, worked wonderfully; rolling PLF most likely would have broken me something.) For a high-speed downwinder on concrete, you should better roll, or ears will be all left of you.
  9. I think I saw it at (check out the "Gravity" episodes)
  10. From SIM 2005: "1. Before attempting a wing-suit jump, a skydiver should: a. have a minimum of 500 freefall skydives; or a minimum of 200 freefall skydives, made within the past 18 months, and receive one-on-one instruction from an experienced wing suit jumper b. completely read and understand all documentation and training information provided with the wing suit c. have the ability to perform exits and skydive in the deployment position described in this outline before making a jump with the wing suit 2. Training by an experienced wing-suit flyer should cover the following topics: a. gear selection, especially canopy choice and the deployment device b. rigging and wearing the wing suit c. aircraft pilot briefing and skydiver heading awareness during wing-suit flights d. aircraft exit techniques e. basic flight techniques for wing-suit flights f. deployment procedures g. emergency procedures" With beginner suits like Prodigy or Loic's suit, that means 200 jumps, reading the suit manual and getting instruction from an experienced wing-suit flyer (e.g. from flyer demoing or renting suits, usually free). Devoting your whole jumps to tracking, practicing WS-style exits and deployments is the best preparation.
  11. If you want to make sure you will enjoy a notoriously hard opening canopy, pack your Spectre with slider collapsed and go jump it. If you live, tell us if you enjoyed it. (hope you won't take my 'advice' literally)
  12. Stop thinking, start DOING. Pay for the jump and go up. See if you can do it -- from THERE, not thinking about it on the ground. You'll find that actually doing things is easier than you think.
  13. "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." (Albert Einstein) Jeez, the more I know the world of skydiving, the more mediocre minds I see. Most funny, you don't even need to find them. Just say something, and they'll go: "I'm here!"
  14. "Since Prodigy pants do not restrict your motion in any way (running exits, aerials, deployment, emergency procedures, running landings), why limit tracking capabilities by using regular tracking pants?"
  15. My impressions It's tracking on steroids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why wouldn't one use Prodigy pants in BASE environment? I don't know.