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  1. Thanks for the votes and info. Love some of the comments .. It think that having received some more info, now knowing that vigil considers the cntrl unit actually the display I'm fine with a repair. I was under the idea this was the brain of the main unit not the display. That being said They do have great customer service weather it was by fluke or not as I mentioned but I would rather deal through the dealer though they dont want me too. The persepective helps. Thanks all. And ill leave it at Vigil is awesome and im glad they admitted they had an issue with the batch but sucks for those of us with those ctrl units. And they do have a 2 year manufacture defect coverage so id say they were right to say they would cover repairs at the least. Now vigil add a speed mode to the unit!
  2. So went to turn on the vigil today to jump. CTRL ERROR 6 came up. Just got a reserve reopack a month ago and have had the unit since it was new for about 14 months. It cant be jumped once this error activated as you cant shut it down and after speaking with them it has to go back to the factory for diagnostics and then they will fix it and send it back. But I have to now have a new repack and had to ship it to them, not to mention the longer it takes the longer im out of working and the dealer offered to replace it with a new one and deal with them but they "say thats more complicated" This is after they acknowledged there is an issue with batch of ctrl units made during that time and that they have had several have to come back already. How many is a batch and why havent you contacted us with that batch with the concern as this is already become an issue you are aware of vigil. Vote so I can send them this and get a new unit for gods sake, cheap is all I can think of.. not to mention now others have to wait until they have a issue then pop their reserve and wait. Love the urgency to replace the unit quickly. To their credit they did call back fast but arent admitting it needs to be replaced even though its serious enough to need to go to the factory.
  3. also if you want to see the video pm me and ill send you it. I removed it for work purposes
  4. Just an update to all. Nothing but sweet openings since the one hard one in the video prior. 75+ more on the velo now and not a single hard opening. Only set two sets of line twists, 4 to 5 of them each time, Ive had I rolled the tail way too much (out of fear of a hard opening, resulting in massive twist before it uncacooned) and that was the last time that happened. if packed well with the slider positioned well no issues what so ever. I appreciate everyones advice. thanks again Oh yeah lets end it with velo destroys the xoas 21 for canopy piloting period. camera and work overall i would say the xaos rocks it all the way tho later
  5. also how the f is he at 8000+ feet (altimeter and visual reference from the video) if he didnt jump from a plane? speedflyers dont exactly gain altitude in my recolection?
  6. Photo shopped or not, i dont care. Why one would jump a speedflyer period from terminal or H&P is beyond be. Find it intriguing though if it were real and anyone that wants to push the sport/limits be my guest
  7. Well Worth It! and the full rds doesnt take much longer to pack
  8. Having a camera is going to greatly help the aff instructor show the student where he needs to improve and is a great review of the dive to show diveflow issues and show the student the positives in the jump. I do agree this cuts out the video guy but lets face it people are cheap and wont pay for the video unless its mandatory ( I myself never had video in aff 3 yrs ago for that reason alone ). Were about better educating the student and progressing the saftey in our sport and this helps greatly. Personally I think there should be a requirement for a gopro camera mounted in a no snag spot on the helmet permanantly that the instructor turns on before the student jumps. Now we have the ability to see how the student flys patterns and what they do under canopy ( ie following the pattern, reactions, etc) Snag hazards will be an issue and the go pro can definetly decrease their mount issues. lets remember that they are not only making mounts for us skydivers, so we may have to improvise adapt and overcome these obstacles. Surfers and mtn bikers dont worry about a canopys bridle catching their mounts. There are mounts out there that are better, you dont just have to use the standard one, you may have to look around and spend money though
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GslAT7_TjpY&feature=related For the original poster. Here's a good example why you should use your eyes and if you use an audible when your audible starts screaming if you rely on it stop turning, Even the most experineced people take a tumble sooner or later. Everyone comes out slightly low eventually its how you recover, theres always the next load
  10. http://vimeo.com/16226960 This guy may be someone to talk to he sounds like hes been there and done that
  11. The guy did exactly as u described but he flips through all the way when he looses control and now a wicked malfunction probably as a result or loading the harness one way or the other or maybe toggles in hands who knows and spiral here we come...
  12. Gnarly! Was that two guys doing crew resulting in the entaglement followed by cutaway with one flying close by you after chopping? or are my eyes decieving me?
  13. touch but better hope u dont pull accidently. Puds are a much different story then the D ring ( i wouldnt wanna touch that )
  14. dont get any crazy ideas, though it would be cool to see, watch out for others under canopy please. no videos ive seen
  15. and correct on the rsl. i thought it was in a good spot but didnt connect it. no harm there though that had nothing to do with the opening. and thanks all on the info about the slider out a little more in front of the nose, etc
  16. agreed, I pulled quickly ( track, belly for barley a second then big arch and pitch ) as wanted a little more time on the canopy and i think that could have contribulted for sure but never had a opening that hard even pulling just out of a track after a big way, harder yes but 5 times less than that. was looking for anymore ideas as to what cause it but im thinking its all related to that more so now. The canopy of course come to find out has the slider that is slightly smaller on it than the larger option pd provides standard now. I think that plays in a bit too lesson learned- dont go outside your routine for a few extra seconds after opening
  17. negative because had he chopped it there would have been no line stretch on the main to pull the canopy from the d bag. it may have still come out due to the to pc's tangling but not opening would have been likely. It would have cleared with the reserve freebag in the event the pc still remained entangled. there was a better option. thank god that went the way it did
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHIqZ6c3wMg Anyone ever get slammed like this on their velo here? Have about 200 jumps on a xaos 98 never a hard opening and jump a buddys velo 96 to see how it compares, wham. still hurting now. We swapped risers/dbags,pilotchutes all comparably the same size. The rsl hook up was opposite riser thats what came loose in the jump from where it was stowed. pitched at 46 secondsish in the video and opened very fast there after. Any thoughts what caused it. Packed it like normal. brakes stowed, Counted nose, flaked, quartered slider, wrapped tail 4 times or so and in the bag she went. Definetly pitched pretty shortly after tracking expecting it to maybe steer around a bit but if the opinion is openings at faster are better wtf? shoulda hop n poped first i guess
  19. Above from my own post: refering to changing between modes(student, pro, tandem) and it clearly states that there is no option for swoop mode like cypress speed (higher speed swoop mode as i referred to it) but that it is like the expert mode and as a standard jumper thats not going to make a difference. Why you even mention argus? who knows. Cypress or vigil all the way. both have there pluses and minuses (read the article and go to the manufactures website) and both have their "cases of inproper operation but they worked as designed". Just trying to help out the original poster. look at both the benifits and no so great features then make ur choice. Hope that helps
  20. Thanks for all the posts guys. Alot of good information and thoughts out there. I strongly believe that there is no 100% right way but there is what makes you feel comfortable and in control and like Calvin states keeps the wing over your head. Justin
  21. thats awesome. Id love to see something like that happen out in so cal. we got alot of people that could start something like that up. The swoop clubs etc are agreat but instilling it right out of aff mandatorily or in the program seems much better as not everyone wants to learn through instruction some just go for it and they learn or they dont
  22. http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/safety/detail_page.cgi?ID=753 Heres a link to help you choose. If your a swooper cypress will convert your expert into one desined for higher speeds and they can also change it to other modes. Vigil has the option of doing so yourself but the parameters for swooping are much like the expert mode on cypress not the higher swoop mode they offer. I personally jump a vigil with a 98 xoas 21 loaded at 2.0 and have never had an issue with it but who knows what will happen with a higher loading and higher speeds on a smaller canopy. I havent known anyone whose had an issue at higher loadings
  23. Thanks for sharing your experience. Please share why you feel in partial brakes it was smoother? I am not standing by one way as being right as every canopy is different under different loadings and sizes in each condition. And im not convinced that full flight is 100% the best option though most material suggests so and that has worked for me