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  1. And if you were indeed in the business along time then you probably did no harm and made sure your drugs were indicated by protocol and patient presentation. A good rigger has the responsibility a good medic firefighter etc. do. There are shitty ones, period. It doesnt make it right
  2. Did he just pull his reserve? Do we have a link to this incident?? Just so we can see what caused this to happen as im not familiar with the incident. Heres my thoughts without the knowledge, maybe the incident will prove me wrong though all Main out mals- he cuts away and skyhook/rsl activates the reserve pin(either way pulling the reserve handle), if the reserve pc beats the main there is still line stretch and the free bag goes bye bye so that shouldnt be an issue either way. -cotainer lock/reserve pull only. Lets say the thread doesn't break. release the rsl tab, boom no more issues. know your gear would be a good lesson if that was the case. 4000 feet is more than enough time to release that especially if the reserve pc is out pulling the rsl tight to the main. try it in freefall next time or under canopy its good to practice because you never know when you may have to do it to save your life Just my thoughts but its like bill said we always still have the fear that the cypress vigil etc will fire for no reason in freefall or that your gear isnt set right. Only fix is to know how your gear works and be sure its done right by watching or doing it yourself after becoming a rigger. If you cant then you shouldn't be jumping or using that equipment if you cant take the risk. And its a choice to use these things in america and the odds favor those that do clearly to those that dont
  3. well put, its pretty obvious which way you want the hook to go other wise the rsl wouldnt pull the reserve pilot chute. if you cant get that right you should not be skydiving let alone driving
  4. That is an unacceptable comment. Making a mistake while training to become and learning from it is ok. If I as a paramedic push the wrong drug or do my job poorly my patient dies. I will be pursued in court and potentailly lose all I have. A rigger is the same as a medic, nurse, or doctor and anyone that is a rigger and feels differently needs their rating yanked! You are responsible for my and others live's and if you can get a half-assed rating we need to fix that. Simply put you should be proficient at what you do and if you don't remember reference you materials or dont do it.
  5. That is false except under a total main container lock in which case the rsl tab would have to be disconnected to fix the inproper instalation, and it would only occur if its installed with the hook backwards. Only that scenario. as long as its installed correctly even that is not an issue. Watch the rigger if you cant trust that its done right!!!!! If it was installed backwards it would not prevent the reserve from firing in any other situation. The hook and thread simply allows the main to break away in the event the reserve pilot chute goes faster than the released main or when just the reserve is fired. Neither the skyhook or rsl will cause that as long as you do normal emergency procedures aand its installed correctly. The fear of it being installed wrong again is just as worry some as a rigger forgetting to bar tack your reserve brake lines or properly intall a softlink to your reserve. It should not happen if they do their job
  6. I have noticed the openings become much twitchier. With the c of g lower smaller movements seem to influence the harness input on opening and in flight more greatly. just my experience, not fact proven by any professional research
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yY3Gs4XMdKE
  8. Disconnect the rsl and your good to go for those types of jumps. only use it for the jumps its going to benefit you on. For those that feel the skyhook may give you line twists on your opening it may, chances are lower than most think (see video) they have tested it and from the I have seen 10 times more spinning mal cutaway videos with skyhook that have no reserve linetwists then the one cutaway with it that has it. It's better than the alternative of the one time you cutaway and reach for the main cutaway and need that extra second to pull that and then the reserve because it was a hard handle pull. Last minute of the video is a guy chopping and barely getting the reserve out before smashing in. skyhook would hove been a huge help. And lets add that in the 6 to 7 times shorter deployment of the reserve with skyhook you have time to deal with the unfortunate line twists should they occur. The video below should be enough to convince most its worth while to have skyhook, in all cases you can always disconnect the rsl/skyhook connection point to the riser and its not active For those worried about it being installed properly watch your rigger pack it. Thats the same as worrying the riggger didnt tack the reserve brake lines or pack it properly, simple fix watch the rigger, its a lame excuse. Especially if your concerned your rigger is not doing a quality job you best watch them because your life will depend on it when you cutaway. http://unitedparachutetechnologies.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=85&Itemid=70
  9. used is definetly best for a while too imo if your going to jump alot as you will progress and out grow it with time. skyhook equiped rigs and rigs with options come up at good prices on here too
  10. maybe but hopefully ill make it at least 300 or so out of this set then ill check it out. can you pm me your site n prices?
  11. [url]http://www.thepdblog.com/pdblog/2011/10/competition-velocity-now-available-with-orange-vectran-lines.html Introducing the new lines to buy too. 2 weeks to late
  12. Disregard, i see them on the price sheet now. wish my lineset lasted just a few weeks longer!
  13. Where does PD specify these orange coated lines when ordering. I looked all over the lines with UV coating when I just got this last set and never saw a thing. >> Wish they would have had em advertised as I strongly believe they last longer
  14. vectors base price also includes all the stainless steel unless that has changed. you may have to pay for the supreme backpading
  15. 500lb Vectran lines are in and rockin, the openings have been suprisingly longer too. We will see how long they last with the same set up and if they go fast that narrows it to the rds rings for me IMO. Patent Idea?? Ive heard of some people now using the tape that is used in normal and rds sliders and folding it then sewing it to make a triangle or d ring shape. After this they are adding a gromet in the middle of this and then two smaller grometed holes(or grometed hole that allows you to attach to your set up on your slider to the grometed rings) thus allow the slider to attach to it resulting in essentially the original slider. The gromets on the lines result in the normal wear a regular slider has and smaller pack volume where the tail wraps the lines by elinating the bulky rings. Anyone have this set up and how is it working for you? As if my rings blow through the lineset in 200 jumps again its back to the drawing board
  16. Lets clarify between the skyhook and rsl here as there seems to be some confusion in this thread. In the case above the skyhook would not have been used. It isimpossible unless he cleared the bridle from his ankle and the main deployed or the main had fully deployed with the bridle freeing after opening Both the skyhook and rsl activate the reserve using the cutaway main. The RSL simply release the reserve pin as it is attached to the main riser. It could have activated the reserve pin pull with the cutaway if enough forcewas created from the trailing d bag or it cleared and started to deploy. The skyhook would not have beat the reserve pilot chute unless the main d bag or main became untangled and resulted in more drag than the reserve pilot chute. This is because the skyhook is attached from the main line of rsl(which connects to the main riser and reserve pin)to the skyhook connection on the reserve bridle and it is using the cut away main to deploy and result in near immediate line stretch of the reserve. see the below photo [/url]http://www.para-service.com/skyhook2.htm[url] I personally would never jump without a skyhook as in most situations it could make the difference. And if you plan on playing around under canopy you simply detach your rsl as you would normally and skyhook is deactivated. The controversy comes from cuting away on a high performance mal and canopy collisons. The theroy is line stretch is so fast you cant get line twist, which is true, but the linetwists develop after linestretch where body position is poor after a spinning cutaway. it all depends on so many factors but if you want something out fast have skyhook, definetly rsl IMO others feel differently, look at the pros and cons and base it on what you want, I have a family to take care and i feel the pros out weigh the cons god forbid i have that come bite me in the ass. Good luck and PM anytime. Justin
  17. always pack on clean artificial grass in the shade and never leave my lines or canopy lying out in the sun. Landing by the pond can be quite dirty at elsinore though i'm sure that factors into it too but not enough to cause the more abnormal wear that became apparent after adding the RDS. Other thought is I had a xoas before and they have individual non cascading lines which I must say I had put 350 on it and never had any concern on the line condition, and it had the same size hma's on it but black, or are they vectran? That I feel the non cascasding lines definetly disribute the opening force more widely stressing the lines less. So many small factors contribute
  18. Thanks Ian. I'm going to have them re finished to eliminate that possibility. I'm guessing that had something to do with it possibly as id expect to make maybe 300 jumps out of the set?
  19. I just blew through my last lineset HMA 500's in roughly 150 jumps on my Velo. Had 2 lines snap on opening and the rigger says best to just change them all out vs replacing the few lines. Going to get Vectran this time and see if theres a difference. I use paraconcepts rings on my rds set up Is anyone else experiencing this with their RDS's? Or on HMA lines? Everyone I've spoke with experiences this with HMA lines so far Thanks!
  20. you are right about that. as like i said i dont speed fly ro paraglide. devote it all to freefly and flying my skydiving canopy. it looks fun but i have zero experience there. thats for the basic low down explantion on dynamic soaring sounds to gnarly for the whole thing
  21. vigil allows you to change the battery yourselve adn be now under limited warrenty. get a cypress
  22. U figure a large company Vigil would know that. Never did I share any of their personal info on here. But hey now at least they have to stand by their offer of a full refund!
  23. Vladi I will gladly post all the emails prior to this one which you just sent me today, a week and a few days after the initial contacts and emails. Do you want me to do so? Jenny just replied today and stated yes she did say it could be here in one to two days and that she was in the wrong and appologized, as i did on the phone for being heated when it malfunctioned and allow me to do so again here now. my appologies. Also I sent you a tracking number prior to you sending a new unit. lets not make things up. Good customer service doesnt include insulting your customers on the forums as you state I did to Vigil I have done nothing but support the product and use the poll to see how others felt the situation should be handled, fair enough imo. Vigil has obviously gone above and beyond that by handling it well and replcing the unit as I am leaving in the later part of the month for a trip When I state good but bad customer service it is because of your response now and the confusion prior which I can gladly share here if you would like from all the emails. Again state where I bad mouthed vigil or did they just bad mouth me and I responded not by insulting but explaining myself
  24. Well we all dont want to use it.. But in the event someone takes you out id like to have it for sure.. thats why i wont jump until its back in my rig and because i dont want to pay for 2 repacks Update: A different vigil rep called last tuesday after the holiday and then said that the first rep was wrong and this is a serious enough issue that they are sending a new unit immediately. They said they would overnight it. Its still in the mail and wont be here until late next week according to the tracking number. Love the 2 different people and them saying they will do things but then its different Their service is good but I cant stand behind any word they have said yet. We will see if it is actually a new unit like they stated or if its a refurbished one.. Exciting... now I haven't jumped in 2 weeks i still stand behind vigil but it would be nice if they gave the unit errors in their manual and a way to deactivate it until a new unit came so if you choose you could jump until then and then make a quick swap. The unit is great minus the user friendliness for errors. They know damn well whats wrong with it based on the code. Good but bad customer service