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  1. I guess my original question shouldve been clearer...I dont hate experienced jumpers at the DZ or on only get advice from my instructors or people at the DZ and laugh at anything I read on here...granted some stuff on here is OK but I think the dumbest 'n00bs' only post on here and dont give a shit what their instructors say
  2. Ha, I know my profile says Sweden but I'm from the U.S..
  3. People on here...I'm just glad I could push some peoples buttons on here cause apparently some of you are fired up about this pole... People at the DZ are nice to me, not so much on here...and I haven't even asked stupid questions!!
  4. oh I try, but only to other students with less jumps than me...otherwise I'm just blowing smoke out my ass
  5. ha...I guess I shouldn't expect much from people on the day job is being an asshole, but unfortunately I don't get to do that on here because I'm at the bottom of the Totem pole
  6. dont get me wrong, I admire anyone with experience, but when a newbie asks a question (most of which are stupid) they get attacked...were you guys students at once? or do you enter the sport with 1500 jumps?
  7. It's a simple question...most of you old turds are assholes to new people on here
  8. Not all newbies are complete r-tards...I myself have only been jumping for about 3 months now, and completing some solo jumps before Im A licensed....I have a GoPro camera BUT there is no way in hell I would skydive with it with my experience level...I use it for other things like snowboarding, kayaking, and so other newbies out there...YOU CANNOT SIMPLY ATTACH A CAMERA, TURN IT ON, AND FORGET ABOUT much as I would love to get some POV in skydiving, I still have so much to learn before I can safely jump with a camera....when Im snowboarding with the GoPro, I can't turn it on and forget about it...Im always consciously aware of it and trying to get the "coolest" shot.... In short...I know I shouldn't jump a camera and other 'sub 200' jumpers should be as smart as me () and save the camera flying for the experienced guys...
  9. u askn if i a n00b or da OP?
  10. Ive got a Skysytems Benny and I love it...great first helmet IMHO...and the fit is really snug, but not like super tight to where you can feel your pulse in your head...and the chin strap has some soft felt covering the strap and because of the fit of the helmet, my chin strap isn't cranked down on my neck..hope dat' helps grammar edit
  11. Its wax string...its for attaching it to your wrist strap...I have a Viso II...its really strong if you attach it right
  12. If you have an original Viso and send it back to L&B they'll probably send you a Viso II with no questions asked...I love my Viso II. Oh and sorry, no advice on the batteries
  13. I'll be off student status in the next couple weeks and will be buying a rig and I've already planned on spending the extra money for an AAD. I realize its a huge argument but I don't mind spending some extra dough on something that could end up saving my life.
  14. Why thank you.... And that video is nucking futs!!
  15. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I thought jump pilots had to wear emergency rigs....or am I horribly wrong?
  16. You should start with Base Jumping then think about starting AFF (im a huge prick)
  17. edited, cause I f'ed up the Clicky....
  18. Ask your instructor these questions during your first jump course
  19. I dont ever read my SIM...I only read post on the internet and only take advice from people on NEVER listen to my instructors...the internet forums are more useful
  20. Well it's supposed to be $49 but I bought a 3 jump package at $39 each. And my instructor did not watch me from the plane, he jumped with me. I'm sure your all going to laugh at me but I get an overall better vibe from the more expensive place and will continue to go there for my coach jumps...
  21. I'm finished with IAD (similar to static line) and I'm on my coach jumps. Listen to your instructors and ARCH ARCH ARCH. Also, if your not sure about anything, even if it seems like a minor detail, don't be afraid to ask! Once again, ARCH, and youll pass all your static line jumps wtih no problem.