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  1. I just sent him an email asking to buy it...lets see what kind of response I get
  2. blah blah dont have 200 jumps so FUCK YOU....blah blah blah I pulled my friends cutaway handle on exit, but who gives a shit? I have 500 jumps so its cool
  3. I have my own thoughts, as does everyone, about this my case, I wore a radio for about my first 10 jumps or so...on my first jump, which was an IAD, I was taught the basic landing pattern, and flew it...the radio controller told me he'd help me out if it looked like I needed it, but didn't receive much info other than "Turn left if you can hear me", "Looks good, doin' great", things like that...I don't think an instructor should radio to someone to cutaway...YOUR jump is YOUR jump and your responsibility...just my $0.02 and am prepared to get bashed
  4. I say do another tandem and make sure skydiiving is right for far as the ankle injury, Im assuming it happened on landing, so maybe try to pick your legs up as high as you can next time... and the relaxation, breathe, relax...your going skydiving, the most fun you can have with your clothes on And cant really help you with the AFF part...I went through IAD simply for the reason of $$$ and I liked learning one step at a time...others will have different opinions but talk to other people at your DZ and be careful about what you read on here
  5. Most flying in the tunnel would be very similar if not IDENTICAL to actual skydiving with a camera...both carry no risks what so ever edit for grammar cause i is dumb
  6. Your not helping those of us with less than 200 jumps look good. If your profile is accurate, you don't have 200 so you dont know what those extra 100 jumps can do.
  7. Cheers to you for starting the 1000th thread for bashing sub 200 camera jumpers!
  8. "A simple 'no' would have been fine, but ok"
  9. Anyone know if they are keeping Eli in it?
  10. I know how, but my DZ's packing area isn't big enough for everyone to be flat packing, so I pro pack instead
  11. 3:2:3 And I got my 'A' License!!! Had everything marked off my proficiency card by jump 22 and did a 3-Way with my instructors for jump 25!!!! Hot damn, I love skydiving
  12. Are you referring to the Poll I put up this morning? Cause that is silly and it got way outta hand...100+ replies and 2500+ views in less that 24 hours...
  13. It's on need to know basis. If he jumps with it than he should know. The student rig I jump has a collapsible PC...I've known about them since jump 1
  14. Sounds good to me! I'd love a nice, long snivel for a B.A.S.E. jump
  15. You won't notice a difference. Really? I think my instructor said something about Elliptical canopies once...but he's just my instructor, I dont listen to him...maybe I should start a new thread about downsizing..
  16. A Unit III might be a little old school for me...but that JVX 87 thingy sounds fun! Does it fly any different from the Manta 260 Im currently jumping?
  17. I want to downsize...can you give me advice? What's a good canopy for me to start swooping on?
  18. Some are mildly should read them...but. thank you for answering the question