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  1. In case you don´t know this guide already,I think its quite helpful. At least it helped me when i started jumping with an a6000 https://gethypoxic.com/blogs/technical/sony-a6000-skydiving-guide
  2. Parasummer https://parasummer.com/ Pink Skyvan Boogietour http://www.pink.at/schedule.htm http://www.pink.at/karte.htm Burning Spring https://www.burningspringfestival.com/ March of the Penguins – Wingsuit Boogie https://www.facebook.com/events/2043856232311717/ Island Siege 2019 ??? Flanders Boogie 2019 ???
  3. Something like this? https://vimeo.com/groups/skydiving IMO a nice collection of skydiving clips/movies – amateur and professional ones
  4. Had the same problem back then when manufacturers stopped using the firewire interface in PCs or Notebooks. The Firewire/USB cable won´t work. What you probably need is a Firewire PCI card to install in your PC. That´s what worked for me at least. https://tinyurl.com/ycgt3hmo
  5. Yes,the pink sky van has a roof hatch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kE84SWO6z24 Oldschool video where you can see some roof exits... Older picture of Wuzi climbing on top of the nose, exiting through the side door. Note that the right engine was turned off while climbing out.
  6. Did you try to rip off a go pro from your helmet on the ground? It isn´t as easy as you might think.Add the stress and lack of time in case of a high speed malfunction and you find yourself in a pretty nasty situation. Cutaway systems on most helmets doesn´t cost much and should be used by anyone jumping with a camera.
  7. Sorry,I forgot that you guys over there love to sue everyone for anything all the time ;) Just kidding, I understood your point.It´s just different here.
  8. You can get your driving licence with 16 and buy the fastest car if you want,but you are not allowed to do a tandem skydive even if you have the consent of your parents?
  9. Hi, You will have to try some settings to see what suits you best, depending on your lens,your distance to the subject etc... I use it mainly for Tandem stills, so I fly pretty close. Here are my settings which works fine for me.(Tandems) Lens: Tamron 10-24mm - set at ~15mm(gaffer tape) Modus: Shutter-priority;automatic aperture(Tv) Shutterspeed: set at 1/500 - 1/800 Iso: Automatic Focus: full focus field I use bite switch too,make sure to set the picture mode to sequential pictures instead of single picture Hope this helps a little bit.
  10. Ok,send it to L&B then. I got mine replaced last year because my Viso got hung up several times on the ride to altitude at about 1000ft. 2weeks later I got a new one.
  11. I had a similar problem:When I put in new batteries the battery status was on low again within a day. "Solution" which worked for me: When you remove the old batteries,wait for ~5min before you put in the new batteries. Otherwise the viso will remember the low batt status from the old batteries. Hope this helps
  12. I would recommend Skydive Hohenems in Austria. Nice Scenery,nice Dropzone,nice people. DZ is close to Lake Constance and the borders of Switzerland,Germany and Liechtenstein. http://www.upcs.at/index.php https://www.google.at/maps/place/47%C2%B023'04.7%22N+9%C2%B041'50.8%22E/@47.5227723,9.2818818,8.29z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d47.38465!4d9.697442
  13. Germany and Austria also have 2way VFS comps at their nationals
  14. hoipex99

    Point Break Remake Trailer

    I love this groundrush shit