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  1. Most of the people I know, that switched from a G3 to a G4, ordered a size smaller on the G4. I have a G3 in Large, and I tried on the G4 in Large, which was a bit to big for me, and the G4 in Medium would fit just fine.
  2. Well I don't have long hair, but the rest is correct
  3. As already said, the openings are fast, but not hard, and if you watch your body position, they are almost everytime on heading. I also loved the openings on my crossfire3, but the openings on the JFX2 are way, way, way better
  4. For me personally, the step from Crossfire3 to JFX2 was the biggest step so far when changing canopies. The JFX2 is a total beast when coming from a Crossfire. Not in a bad way, but you really have to treat the JFX2 very carefully to get to know it. It has so much more power in every aspect, and you feel way more connected to the canopy, especially when just flying with harness input, its just so much more fun. And once you jumped it, you never want to go back
  5. @Yopyop64 No, I haven't flown a JFX 1, I had a Crossfire3 before switching to the JFX2. Maybe someone else can fill in those blanks
  6. I got a JFX2 94 in June and put around 200 jumps on it. What exactly do you want to know? Some general informations I can give: - My wingload is around 2.2 on it. - Its very responsive to harness and riser input and a lot of fun to fly with. I like to fly the wing only with harness and if needed some rear riser input. - Openings are fast ( not hard ) and most of the time on heading. - The flare is very powerful, no matter if you do a straight in landing, a 90° turn, or a bigger turn. Rears are also very responsive for leveling the wing out after a turn. - It also has very good slow flight capabilities, so you can even fly next to a student canopy ( as long as the student canopy doesn't use toggles to break ) - It can cover a lot of ground, so you still can make it back from those long spots
  7. Exactly like this, and normally I only have those dreams during the off season
  8. I think it would be great if you could make a list of videos from the "average" skydivers. Don't get me wrong, I like the videos in the list above, the special places, the ninja skills that are shown in some, and so on. But I really would like to see some more nice edits of this season where I can relate to. Average skydivers having fun with there friends. Here is my take on a video for this season: https://youtu.be/SFSEBMQxtTo
  9. Maybe you are talking about Expert Cypres firing during a swoop. And thats totally the owners fault, if they are jumping a high performance wing using the Expert instead of the Speed Cypres. Speaking of which, I decided to switch from Expert to Speed during the winter, and Cypres does this free of cost, you just have to pay the shipping for your device and they will change the software and the button cover. Is this the same with Mars and Vigil?
  10. It is definitely a thing in Austria. The link is in German, but in "§3 Fallschirme", you can see which countries / licences are valid in Austria. http://www.ris.bka.gv.at/GeltendeFassung.wxe?Abfrage=Bundesnormen&Gesetzesnummer=20009812 If your country / licence is not on the list, you can obtain a temporary licence for jumping in Austria. If you go to a dropzone, that does train new skydivers, the so called "Ausbildungsleiter" / training manager at this dropzone can grant you such a temporary licence.
  11. Well, I can not speak about having had that much fear or sleepless nights during my AFF, but I at least had some similarities. I started the AFF course, because my, back then, girlfriend wanted to start skydiving, so I went with her to try it out for myself as well, even though I never was interested in it. I for sure, had some fear at the first jumps as well, and basically all the AFF jumps I did not enjoy and was also kind a like working on checking all boxes on the "task list" for every jump. I eventually started to enjoy the jumps when I was cleared for solo status, and even more after I got my license and started to jump with other people. For what its worth, my back then girlfriend, is not really jumping anymore, I made a lot of new good friends that I do not want to miss anymore in my life and I have logged well over 1100 jumps since then. So, I am not saying keep on going to get rid of your wife, but maybe you will start to enjoy it if you decide to give it another try ;-)
  12. I think he is talking about the attachment from the bridle to the d-bag, not to the canopy. In my rig, I have a rapide link, works goods so far. I remember a post from reddit, about using slinks/rapid links ( https://www.reddit.com/r/SkyDiving/comments/909dza/just_wanted_to_share_this_cutaway_on_my_third/ ) There was a problem when using slinks and they released a service bulletin to replace them ( https://imgur.com/a/la95I5t
  13. In theory the snaps are for sure a good thing, because they force you to place the slider correctly during packing. But in practice they won't avoid hard openings, at least not to a 100%. A friend of mine just had a hard opening like 1 week ago on a Velo with snaps ( and he used the snaps, normal Slider Setup, no RDS ). Also here is a Tip Tuesday Video from PD about snaps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xjHuCmeFyrM