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  1. The best answer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgOUgrOHuFc John Arizona Hiking Trails
  2. I remember having 2 or 3 jumps in 1992 and being totally hooked on skydiving and wanting as much information about the sport as I could get. I went to the local library and look up Skydiving in the card catalog (you younger folks, ask you parents) and the only book I found was the Art of Freefall Relative Work. I read it cover to cover many times and though I did not understand most of it at the time, it opened my eyes to what could be. Later I read United We Fall and I learned about skydancing. That book is still on my desk and I peruse it often. Blue Skies , Pat. Thanks for everything. John Arizona Hiking Trails
  3. I know it as isotosis. My standard one is launch a star. 5th person dives down and the next point is stairstep diamond. Sequence i use most for beginner groups is : Star Stairstep Diamond Donut Zipper Satellite John Arizona Hiking Trails
  4. I think it might be a bit underpowered. John Arizona Hiking Trails
  5. It's a barometric measuring device. Changes in atmospheric pressure will make it go up and down. John Arizona Hiking Trails
  6. Not to overly downplay the accomplishment but did you look at the wind blades and smoke. The winds on the ground were smoking fast. I'd be interested in see how that would go in light/no wind conditions. John Arizona Hiking Trails
  7. South Park parodied the annoying loud motorcycle problem a few years ago. Pretty funny. http://www.southparkstudios.com/full-episodes/s13e12-the-f-word John Arizona Hiking Trails
  8. Identify who the base is. Your first priority is to match the fall rate of the base. Your second priority is to be in your slot. That DOES NOT mean GRIPS. It means that you are flying relative to another person, on level and in the correct orientation to the base. Finally take grips. Do not reach for the grips. Reaching indicates that you are not either on level or in your slot (see above). Be disciplined about these steps and you will be successful. 1. Fall rate (on level) 2. Proximity (in your slot) 3. Pick up grips. 4. Smile, smile, smile. Have fun. John Arizona Hiking Trails
  9. Check your harness. I had a problem like that when I downsized and found out the hard way that my rig was manufactured with the wrong yoke. Almost universally, you should reach for your handle in roughly the same location that you reach for your wallet. If your handle is not in the correct location the yoke may be too short for you. John Arizona Hiking Trails
  10. Nippleboy would be impressed by the quality of your posts. John Arizona Hiking Trails
  11. No, she became a little girl and we had to go to a Disney Princess Pink! It was sad to paint over that. John Arizona Hiking Trails
  12. We did that back in 2000. See the pics. John Arizona Hiking Trails
  13. We expect the 8-way pool to be changed this year. No more Wagga-Wagga. The IPC meets in late January or early February and should decide then. John Arizona Hiking Trails
  14. Many experienced skydivers are unable to be liver donors. John Arizona Hiking Trails
  15. My first jump was a static line jump with my Father. Mom and Sis came out to watch. John Arizona Hiking Trails