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  1. Hello NorrinRadd: Nice to have you on board. You will love skydiving. Stay with it.
  2. Live in Ohio, if it happens, will be making trips there!
  3. IFly, do go to Orlando for my tunnel time aka dignity remover or d'oh factory. Suggestion have a card for people that live in other States, for discount to use throughout the year? It would expire once the year is up?
  4. Weigh 155 pounds bare, went to a Safety Day, told them 155 pounds, still was weighed clothes on 164 pounds. Some DZ's do have scales, they weigh everyone.
  5. skydiver30960 but it is for a good cause
  6. Coreece, checked with Lifeline of Ohio, here is their reply "Yes a recipient can donate their transplanted organ upon their death if donation is possible. Thanks for the question and notification!"
  7. Coreece. Know after the donor has passed, a medical test is done to see what organs can be used. Would not want to give you the wrong information. Can check with Lifeline of Ohio, give you a better answer. Will post it here.
  8. skydiver30960 great input. Have done a number of health fairs,nurse usually are the donors, wide support.
  9. Can still donate organs then be cremated. An ash dive is the best way for skydivers to go. One last jump.
  10. John, know the people at where I am a organ donor mentioned after the donors death having open casket services still takes place.
  11. Agree airdvr. Know in the USA there are 114,000 people waiting for organs.. So people can change those numbers. Just others have various questions, which need to be answered first.
  12. The criteria is medical necessity. Have questions would be best to contact the organ donation organization for your state/community, they will be able to answer them. Blue Skies
  13. Hi Jerry, Interesting to read about family members being able to over ride the donors decision. Know in Ohio the decision by the donor stands, unless the Medical Tests make the donation invalid. Glad you are helping out. Blue Skies
  14. John, can see that. They can still donate other organs.