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  1. Yeah the weather today in Toronto was decently hot and a bit humid. Weather called for thunder and rain later today that never really happened. Thank you all for the detailed explanation ! Much appreciated !! Ubique
  2. Silly question. I recently bought a Viplo FT50. I set it to zero when i got it and placed it on my shelf at home. I have noticed after a couple days its moved forward to 500 feet. Is this normal?? The product control sheet that was filled out seems to fit within the allotted tolerances specified. Thanks Ubique
  3. ronixx

    iFly Toronto

    Did my first 4 minutes the other day at this facility. Great staffing, Friendly and receptive upon entering and happy to explain all facets of what they do there. The instructor that I had was great. You can tell that they have been trained properly and offer friendly advise and conversation while you wait. I wish them the best of luck !
  4. I got the Benny and set of Sky eyes curve clears. Ubique
  5. Hey. I have a set of Spy snowboarding goggles that are a few years old. Perfect condition with a mirror and clear lense. I am currently in the process of buying my first open face helmet and alti. (Benny Advanced, Altimaster Galaxy) My question is; Would using the snowboard goggles be safe? I see a lot of wing suit vids where guys are wearing those kinds of goggles with an open face helmet. If so I can save some money on buying skydiving goggles and using those. They seem like they would fit snugger too. Thanks Ubique