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  1. TEB6363

    What's the proper riser length?

    I usually tell people if they can't reach the slider; your risers are probably too long
  2. TEB6363

    New Fun Video!!

    You Two are cute.. And, what a BEAUTIFUL DZ!!! Thanks for sharing...
  3. Gary, Quick note to watch that some of the internet substitute batteries do not perform well - or not at all.. I have discovered that some batteries have the same "fit" for what we need; but not the same mAh rating.. Yep, those little old milliamps make a big difference in the devices. The amount of draw they can handle (like turning on the Viso2 light before you jump) can cause some things not to work right. Or, they just die early... Now, there are so many brands out there - some will probably work great.. I just decided to go back to the manufacture-recommended brands for their equipment... I can get months/year out of my audible and digital... I'm just a wanna-be electronics guy. I do a lot with RC aircraft and batteries also. My dad was the Old Electronics Guy Blue Skies... Tom
  4. Nice information about Kill Line Maintenance Brian.. For those of us who don't keep Cypres Silicone in our back pocket; do you have another recommendation..? I have used several different types of silicone for automotive window seals, belt drives on RC helicopters, etc. But, would not want to just start trying stuff on my bridle.. Thanks..
  5. TEB6363

    New guy from SoCal.

    You're gonna sell your wife??? Good Man [ROFL]... Welcome to the boards, Glad you two got to experience this together.. Have Fun..
  6. TEB6363

    GoPro Hero2 Remote LED

    I have a similar setup. Keeps me from having to ask if the camers is on (1-button mode) and getting all those "GoPro Looks" on the video
  7. TEB6363

    Phantom X & Gopro

    Call Square1 - they should be able to provide the best information.