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  1. Hey Yousef, I would do a little research and try and find a DZ that has little influence from the weather. That’s a long way to come and then get rained out. California has very consistent weather in the summer. SkyDance, in Northern California has a pretty respected AFF. I would also try and find a DZ close to a tunnel, several minutes in a tunnel can save several expensive AFF jumps of being frustrated. There is a tunnel close to SkyDance. Cheers
  2. Just forget you ever heard about the 45 degree exit rule.
  3. 10 jumps and you have a “usual” landing pattern? Is that 7 AFF jumps + 3 student jumps? You should be extremely concerned jumping a 200. My understanding was it takes a couple of more jumps than 10 to go to a 200, Germain suggest 100 jumps at your weight to jump a 200.1
  4. I drive by Lodi frequently and have noticed a shortage of fun jumpers. I was looking at their web page and noticed the price of their tandems and fun jump have increased by 50%, when did this happen?
  5. You’re a little late, but a nice Go Pro.
  6. Stationed at North Island NAS 1982, the base’s civillian jump club offered a FJC for $40. As best as I can recall, they made a deal with Arizona’s National Guard to teach them the FJC in exchange for using their Hueys to jump from. My first civillian jump was from a Huey. I was 19 and it was on my bucket list before their were bucket list.
  7. Five minutes in the tunnel and you’ll be all set, it worked for me.
  8. My whole life I wanted to bowl, finally I saved some money and took some lessons, it didn’t go so well and I got the skydiving speech... And here I am.
  9. Would you mind elaborating on the one that wasn’t?
  10. After reading your whole story, I can say one thing with certainty... Melatonin is crap.
  11. Believe it or not, your answer could come from a female.
  12. So back in 82, after completing my 5 static line jumps, they took me up to 12.5 and I did a “Buddy jump” how I was able to leave linked and stay stable my first time in FF is astounding to me. Were these jumps common?
  13. Lodi has always used a single instructor for AFF.
  14. My former DZ did the groupon jump for $99 to 8,000 ft. The day of the jump they would then claim they had no aircraft that could make it to 8,000 ft, and you had to upgrade to 15,000 for another $99...When all was said and done, you’d be lucky to make it to 12k...crazy but true.
  15. Sorry, I misread. Caravan. It was just something I saw them post online and I dident read the whole article. Although Skydance does have a Skyvan during the American Boogie in June.
  16. Once on the ground, the repeated looks at his altimeter are priceless.
  17. Not in the least, no radios at this DZ’s. He landed over a gentle roll in the horizon, where I knew were some pretty good size rocks and boulders. I started walking out about 10 minutes with not seeing any sign from him. I found him sitting down and smarting over a broken humerous. I called the DZ and asked for a car that made its way out a bout an hour later. The AFFI gave a very demeaning speech to all of us before the jump on Sky Van procedures, the fact that we had been jumping it for the three previous days didn’t seem to matter much. This was the first and last time I saw him, a short, cocky, dark haired Australian. Later, when I asked him why he didn’t follow thru with his student, he was all apologies and had his hat in his hands. Knowing then what I know now, I would have made more of an issue.
  18. A money guarantee is no proof that anything works.
  19. If money is an issue and safety isn’t, Lodi may be just what you’re looking for.