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  1. I would like to say at this time, due to others e-mailing me. It was not just a low turn , the winds were a factor. To me , it was too low of a turn, due to the winds. I had jumped a few loads before and just knew to be straight on final 300 '. My brake lines were tight also.
  2. My heart goes to the Family and teammates of Julio Cesar Velez Correa 27 , Puerto Rico. He passed away from a low turn at Couch Freaks
  3. If that happens to you today, would you still land on your butt (if you choose to land the canopy)? Given the fact that I fly much smaller canopy's , probably would have to chop.
  4. 1. About 50 jumps did a two way. We had a good dirt dive and I was told to deploy at normal Alt. about 4500' then. On the taxi way nearing then end of the runway. I looked at my wrist, no altimeter, oops, I told my partner , with about 400 jumps, and he gave me his altimeter and I gave him my protrack. I was still nervous and shocked I had got that far with no altimeter. we launched our dive and did it . Brain fart I guess, I was in front and watched him deploy. I never had seen that before , I was caught up in the moment. Ok do it right , turn around, track wave off and look. When I saw the 2 lane road, I thought of fuck and pulled so fast. I was in the sadle about 1400'. I did a 180' and just made the DZ. Yes I was sat down and talked to at depth. I remember listening to him and still shaking. 2. About 150 jumps I had worked all night long , went right to DZ that morning. We were about 5000' when this jumper looked right at me and said " Your chest strap is mis- routed. This happened to be the second jump for me that day. After I got down, I relized on my first jump, I had a mis- routed chest strap , because I remebered that my shoulder straps were trying to slide off my shoulders, I had rolled my shoulders foward to keep them on. I had just thought I didn't tighten my chest strap all the way. Lesson learned. was very lucky that day. 3 jump 120 PD 260 main Safety day 2008 Gear check found pilot chute not cocked. corrected. Deploy , went into slow turn , grabed toggles got worse , pulled left toggle to wasit then it flew strait. I was looking at main , trouble shooting, finally, tension knot ! I did 3 controll checks and knew it really was a mal I had very little window of controll. I thought shit , I looked down, right over a 4 lane Higway about 2500'. I will say righ here, that should never have a bearing on EP's but that day for me it did. I stayed away from everybody and the DZ , because of my controll issue. I came straight in no turns and landed on the " outer fringe" of the landing area. When I got about 100' I relized I was Fast ! I knew I really very little flare, so Butt Slide !! I left a nice skid maybe 10' or so. Lesson learned 4 . 133 jumps The rigger/packer (at a DZ that is no longer) wanted me to " test" a big main, 288 I think, with a bikini slider. Student gear for big jumpers was non existent. He was a small guy and I'm not. I of course said no problem. Did a solo , knew to pull high, 7000', did my count, nothing, I looked up, , streamer. My first thought was " I can't believe this" LOL, I still can't believe my thought process at the time. Did my EP's , Landed at DZ, I was so frieked out I had no legs , so butt slide in. Lesson learned 5 I was trying to pack my main and the packer was helping me. The DZO came by and also helped. Anyway got it closed up. Me and a buddy got a free hop and pop. I went without a jumpsuit and helmet , both for the first time. I almost didn't wear my altimeter. I opened , A nice line over EP'S landed with my main. lesson learned
  5. Same here Brain Germain was an awsome instructor at SDC this year.
  6. a Vladiball is a cool free fall toy, but you need more jumps.
  7. I will say , Women should have the right to chose . It's there body , PERIOD. If you don't like abortion don't have one. I feel that both sides could make a difference in the abortion rate. but with all the anger and finger pointing , not likely. The murder of Tiller was a shame. Abortions are a shame too. But they are legal and should be up to the woman and her doctor
  8. Nice small DZ , very personal and relaxed and no cliques. The view of the Mississippi is wonderful. The landing area is big.
  9. SDC was awesome. I was there for 3 days, it's like a resort. Everything you need is on site: Gear shop, showers, laundry facilities, rigging, camping, packers, food, Ginormous landing area, Swoopers and low speed jumpers have separate landing area's. The staff and regular jumpers treated me well. Lift capacity , super otter and caravan, that did several back to backs. I will return !! SDC is worth a road trip!
  10. That's what I was thinking , crap there should be a compass on the dash !!
  11. Ok guys , I am looking for somewhere that builds and sell Sky Tubes. Any suggetions ? Thanks
  12. I have used an oxygen for about 6 years , I never had a problem in opening it even with gloves , I do not wear thick gloves. It has opened by itself about 4 times when doing hybrids while looking up for the hanger , but easy to close. I just adjust how far I raise my chin.