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  1. Tracking is one of the most pertinent skills in the sport. Tracking properly and safely can absolutely save your life. At camp Flock off we teach you all of the basics of group tracking and movement, then tune you up and make you a sharper, more aware and skilled flocker. We know we all want to flock our very best. SEPTEMBER 21-22, 2019*You will learn how to safely:*~Exit- floating and diving~Approach- what if I’m out of slot?~Break off- where do I go?~Deployment and landing - Where is everyone? Where ARE we? ~Off LandingsThis will be a mixed level course with groups decided upon and split up by skill level. Whether you’re fine tuning heading control and flying on level or trying to get in for that surf dock, we have a slot for you.This is a full weekend, rain or shine- camp. (We will have make up days in July and September should flying be stunted by weather.Day 1: Early arrival to knock out the seminar and all of the necessary ground work. What we do on the ground we do in the air. Be prepared to creep!Split into initial groups to assess skill level and better organize.Tentative Daily Schedule:Day1:7:30AM Arrival: SeminarJump 1: debrief and rearrange groups as necessaryJump 2&3: Debrief while having lunchJump 4-5: DebriefAny access jumps will be debriefed at the end of the day.Day 2: 8am arrival and simple debrief from previous days experiences. Fuel up + Chat as a group.Jumps 1-3: debrief and rearrange as necessary + lunchJumps 4-5: debriefJump 6: large group(s) sunset canopy Flock before we cheers to a beer light and some noms.So, you wanna flock with me?What you need:~A license (contact me directly if you have <100 jumps)~USPA Membership~Audible &/or mudflat mounted altimeter~$125 registration fee + your slotsWhat you get:~Two full days of instructed and debriefed flocking with full video on USB flash drive~Goody Bags~Food + Beer at the end of it allContact me directly to sign up!! [email protected]
  2. Calling all Wicked Wingys!! September 12-15, 2019This is a more advanced wingsuit camp. Participants must be able to fly their slots on back or belly. At least 200 wingsuit jumps required. Suit sizes will be standard flocking suits. Travis will be flying his TonySuits Gnar Bird. The first days (Thursday and Friday) will be focused on skill building so that we can make some beautiful formations on the weekend. The aim will be 5-6 jumps per day. Contact Travis for more information at [email protected] or
  3. This is the Nationals for beginning skydivers. All rookie skydivers from any dropzone are welcome to participate in this 3-way scrambles style competition.Teams change each round based on a random draw, but will always include one experienced ‘coach’ (members from SDC Rhythm XP, SDC Core, Rook Nelson and more!). Scores will be judged by an officially rated judge and prizes are awarded to the top three individuals.The winner will take home a Rookiefest Trophy that will give the DZ bragging rights that they produce the best students.We invite jumpers from all dropzones to participate. At the end of the first day join us for a brief seminar on topics that cover gear, canopy, exits, safety, competitive skydiving, formation skydiving and more! In the evening come to our famous Tiki bar to enjoy dinner and drinks.ELIGIBILITY: Rookie skydivers can participate in up to 2 Rookiefest Competitions, provided they meet either of these criteria:• Less than 200 total jumps OR• Less than 2 years in the sport as a RookieREGISTRATION (includes event t-shirt): COMING SOON• Pre-Registration (Ends July 31st): $60 • Registration (August 30th): $75• PLUS 5 jumps @ $25 eachDiscounted Gear Rental: $35/jump (Can only use for the 5 comp. jumps)*includes: rig, helmet, jumpsuit and pack jobSCHEDULE:• Friday, August 30th6pm: Deadline for registration9am-6pm: Manifest open to complete registration, pay account, sign waiver• Saturday, August 31st7:00 am: Manifest opens to complete registration, must be completed before briefing (Please try to complete by Friday evening if possible)8:00 am: Meet time for briefing (in auditorium)• Sunday, September 1st8:00 am: Competition ResumesAwards ceremony immediately followingMonday is scheduled as a make-up day in case of weather. Also, there will be load organizers available all day on Monday if you would like to continue formation skydiving after the competition.Register now right here: is important to fill out the the Google Form for this event as well. It will help us determine jumper pairing to ensure the most fair competition. Please fill that out right here:
  4. Save the Dates!As you may have heard, IPC recently ratified new rules for Vertical Sequential World Records. The new rules open up a realm of possibilities for large sequential records. We now have our eyes set on setting a new head-down sequential record in mid-2020. This is the first of several events leading up to the record that will allow us to practice and experiment with large sequential formations. This is not a bigway camp, it is a sequential camp. It is already expected that participants are already experienced and comfortable building 40-ways. The goal is to have successful multi-point skydives that will build a foundation we can apply to larger sequential formations in 2020. Organizers: Matt Fry & Melissa Nelson Lowe Contact: [email protected] details TBA. Cover photo by Nathan Roth.
  5. Summerfest 2019 is coming soon!This year will feature some new events, The Film Festival, Full-On Foosball and more! We will have new bands as well as Casey McGrath's Fiddlerock Show 2.0, Rook and Friends DJ'ing and a few other surprises as well. There's even a rumor that we will have another round of custom brewed beer and wine specifically made for Summerfest 2019!Don't forget about the world-class list of organizers that Summerfest has every single year. This year will be no exception. Come on out and jump for fun or really dig in and learn from the best in the business and take advantage of all that these pros have to offer!We are still squaring away the details of this legendary event and we will keep you updated as The Boogie of Boogies gets closer.See you all there sooner than you think!Early Full Boogie Registration:Open January 1, 2019Jun - June 26, 2019 (Includes FREE T-Shirt!) $95.00 USDFull Boogie Registration:June 27, 2019 - Event Dates$99.00 USDDay Passes:Jumper: $50.00 USDNon-Jumper: $40.00 USDChildren (10 and under): $15.00 USDRegister Now Right Here:
  6. Skydive Chicago’s Annual 4th of July Boogie.When: July 4th-7th, 2019Registration: FREECome on out to Skydive Chicago for the extended holiday weekend and jump with your favorite friends and make some new ones along the way! We will have a full staff of load organizers in all disciplines that weekend to get as many people jumping as we can!On Saturday, July 6th, we will have our famous firework show. Bring the family out, grab your blanket, and meet us on the lawn at dusk. The night will be dazzling with UFO jumpers and fireworks. After the show, join us at the Tiki Bar as we enjoy the night!On July 6th and 7th, we will also be hosting the 1st annual SDC 500 Pylon Races! Registration is $75, $35 covers camera slots and $40 goes into the prize pool. Competitors must also cover their slots for the 5 rounds of competition, and any re-jumps, if necessary. Competitors must register by 8am on Saturday, July 6th. In the event of weather, the money meet will take place on Sunday, July 7th.
  7. Shred the Gnar is coming to Skydive Chicago June 21-23. World Class organizers , huge raffle and endless amounts of Gnar is up for the shredding. ***Registration is open***** $45 early registration after June 1st registration will be $65 Email [email protected] with days you’ll be attending and T-shirt size.
  8. THIS EVENT IS A TRYOUT FOR THE WORLD RECORD. Ok everyone, here is the announcement you have all been waiting for…. The dates for the Upright World Record Attempts are July 22-26, 2019 at Skydive Chicago!!!! Mark your calendars and start training. To get a slot on the initial record attempts you will need to secure an invite. Last Chance Upright World Record Tryout #7 Skydive Chicago June 8-9, 2019.Questions or want to register? Contact: Jason Russell [email protected] or Stephanie [email protected]
  9. Skydive Chicago is hosting its annual Memorial Day Boogie on May 25-May 27. This weekend marks the beginning of our peak season and kicks off the many events we have in store for the 2019 season.Throughout the holiday weekend we are offering tandem skydives at only $189 per person. *Advanced reservations are required to qualify for discounts.This is also the official opening of the Tiki Hut!
  10. Join us with your wingsuit and let’s knock that rust off. The aim will be to get back in the swing of things. All skill levels welcome!!We will try to make the groups larger as everyone gets up to speed. Organizer: Travis Mickle (American Wingsuit Academy)Event form here: or comments: PM Travis Mickle Directly at
  11. Enjoy the long weekend with load organizing for all skill levels, RW Big Ways with TJ Hine and Roger Ponce de Leon, and Night Jumps! For more information or contact Jess Bittner: [email protected]
  12. Skydive Chicago will be opening the doors March 16, for the start of the season! There will be safety day presentations and free refresher courses provided March 15, starting at 6pm. For more information, contact Jess Bittner: [email protected]
  13. SDChicago

    Skydive Chicago

    Skydive Chicago has been setting the standard for skydiving excellence for 20 years and is just getting started. Located just off Interstate 80 in Ottawa, IL, SDC is a 220 acre private playground for adventure seekers equipped with camping space, cabin rentals, RV hook-ups, Eat Up Deli, free WiFi, swimming, disc golf, volleyball and some of the most world-class skydiving amenities available. It's a all in one Skydive resort! We operate full-time Mid-March through early December with a fleet of Grand Caravans and Twin Otters and play host to some of the largest events in the skydiving industry such as SummerFest (July 28-Aug 5) and the 2016 FAI Mondial World Championships of Parachuting. We offer professional services for everyone from the first-time tandem jumper to world champion level teams. Skydive Chicago is also the recent recipient of 15 DZ Awards including: Best Large Dropzone, Best Food, Best Staff & Manifest, Best Load Organizing, Best LO - Rook Nelson, Best Packing Area & Amenities, Best Packers, Locals, & Vibe, Best FS, Freefly, and Novelty Jumps, Best Boogie - SummerFest, and Runner-Up for Best Canopy Activities. Contact us today to have a skydiving experience second to none!