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  1. Chubba

    when to buy a rig?

    Never give money upfront for a rig. At your jump numbers, do the deal through a rigger. That way you won't get flat out ripped off, he can double check the quality of the gear and make sure you're getting what you pay for. It's also a good way to form your first relationship with a rigger, something that I've found is VERY valuable, they are much more useful then just repacks and sales... pick their brains a bit. In case you don't understand, in essence. You would find a rig that takes your fancy on, you would organise for the seller to send the rig to an independant rigger, the rigger would then check the gear and verify that it is indeed what you paid for, you can go down and check out the gear/put the harness on. Then when you decide it's suitable, you pay the seller... the seller then contacts the rigger and confirms you have paid, then the rigger releases the rig to you. Assuming the rigger is legit, there's no risk for either the seller or buyer. I wouldn't purchase a rig any other way. Make sure you consult your instructors.
  2. Chubba

    Refresher while student?

    Most definitely you will have to do extensive training again, possibly the entire FJC, possibly have to repeat AFF1.
  3. Chubba

    AAD for CReW

    Would it make sense for CRW jumpers to use the speed model if any? Just throwing this out there for some repsonses, I'm quite interested.
  4. Chubba

    Brake coming off on opening

    I have velcro-less toggles on my rig, the bottom part has never come out on opening.
  5. Chubba

    Best container

    I'm 100% satisfied with my Infinity and I subscribe to the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", so I'm going to stick with VSE in the future. I'm the only Infinity owner at my DZ and while visting I haven't seen a single Infinity rig either... perhaps they're not very popular in Australia?
  6. Chubba

    1 Friggin AMAZING year!!!

    270 your first year, that's a bloody good effort.
  7. Chubba

    AltiTrack housing stress cracks

    My altitrack is closing in on 2 years, no problems here.
  8. It's very important to talk with your CI/instructors about your canopy choice and your downsizing. Very small jumpers need to wary of additional risks.
  9. Chubba

    Canopy down sizing

    143 reserve at your weight would be too small at low jumper numbers. Why not order a larger container and get a reserve that's loaded more lightly? Is 165 your bodyweight or exit weight?
  10. Chubba

    Changing DZ mid AFF

    Depends on how far is a 1/3rd of the distance? Are we talking 20 minute drive compared to 60 minutes? OR 1 hour drive compared to 3 hours? If it's the former, definitely stick it out.
  11. Chubba

    Question about audible placement

    I have an Optima (inside a Cookie Rok). The default alarm volume is very comfortable in freefall, I certaintly feel no pain or discomfort.
  12. Chubba

    AFF First jump advice

    Have your goal in mind and work towards it, leave any negativity on the ground and focus on whats important.
  13. Chubba

    Ueli G. at TEDtalks

    What suit was the 2nd guy flying? God that balloon would have been the best jump ever.
  14. Chubba

    Audible Altimeter Advice

    I picked up an Optima a few weeks ago based on 1. Brand, I love my Altitrack and nobody seems to have a bad thing to say about L&B. 2. Price, the Neptune was far to expensive/advanced for using as an audible. The price difference between the Solo and Optima was so small that I couldn't justify the loss of features with the Solo. I don't have much to compare it to, made 10 jumps on it, works perfect and the interface is easy to move around once you read the manual. I don't mind the canopy warnings either, the little beep here and there seems to only increase awareness.
  15. Chubba

    Body weight/wing loading

    I got one of those freak metabolisms, I've been 65kg/145lbs since I was 13, impossible to gain weight.