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  1. What is a good price for a Saber 1 120 with only 50 jumps? Excellent condition, DOM around 1995!!
  2. Thanks. I'll ask a rigger at the DZ. What is a reasonable price?
  3. I need someone to do a BOC mod to my vector 2. Do you guys have any suggestions? I live in the southeast?
  4. Truth is. My friend has given me his rig to see if it will work for me. I weigh 150 lbs. The main is a Saber 1 170. He wa the same size as me.
  5. No not a Troll...Just a newby asking a silly question. I was just trying to figure out,,if I do rent student gear, how long before they would let me jump my own stuff? 10 jumps 20, 30....???
  6. If I have my own gear, will a DZ allow me to use it for AFF? My rig has a 170 main and reserve no current AAD. Thanks in advance.
  7. I am a newby to this site. I want to respond to a classified ad about a good beginners rig. However, unless I have been on here for less than 30 days, I cannot get his contact info. Can someone help me get an email address or a phone #. Thanks in advance.