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  1. That's what I was thinking, better to learn the right way the first time around..
  2. I eat like a monster but I can never gain weight Sounds good to me though; I wasn't sure the difficulty when learning without the aid of baggyness, but you definitely make sense thanks!
  3. I'm a hair under 6' and I'm built extremey slender, I weight about 135lb
  4. Eventually, being the beanpole I am, I'll have to have a jumpsuit made a little more on the tight side. However I was wondering if a baggier suit would make learning to freefly easier? Or would that just give me training specific to a baggy suit and become obsolete when I switch to a low drag suit?
  5. It's somewhat tricky, I just did this the other week. After you get it off you'll see that the inner piece has to be turned just right to slide out.
  6. Haha alright. I'm not 21 but what college kid doesn't have his ways, right? Luckily for me if any of you run into me I can just point you to the beer truck at eloy and take a raincheck
  7. Hey, money buys beer! I give you money, you go buy your favorite drink
  8. There's a good chance I might need a ride to/from phoenix-mesa (IWA) to Skydive Az.. If anyone would be able to, for $$ of course, I would need picked up Dec 25 and Dropped off Dec 30.. That or if anyone knows of shuttle services that run to IWA and not just Sky harbor that would be awesome. I have a few emails out but those are pending a reply.. Thanks!
  9. Thanks! Here is a quick link to carry on size restrictions for some of the airlines: http://www.luggageonline.com/about_airlines.cfm And the bag is 24 x 15 x 10 or 49 linear inches Edit: For those who have it, what is the shell of it like? From the pictures it looks to be pretty stiff but pictures don't always tell all
  10. Are you maybe able to provide more detailed information on getting there? Such as best airports to fly into and such.. I'm game if I can find decent airfare and a ride from the airport
  11. http://www.chutingstargear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=50_53&products_id=682 If those of you who use this could chime in; How spacious is it after you set your rig in, what do you guys normally have in it? Does anyone have experience taking this (rig within) aboard commercial flights? Does it fit as a carry on? Last I remember the size requirements were shrinking day by day it seemed..
  12. I especially agree with you floflo concerning the unfamiliar DZ.. When this happened, I had only jumped at this DZ 4 or 5 times. Ironically, 2 jumps before this event I had asked someone about the surrounding area due to someone landing off. This individual mentioned to me a barb wire fence that surrounded a field. Then, on the next jump (the jump before the cutaway jump) both me and the person who told me about it were way out due to being first out of the plane. Without him having told me about the barbed wire fence I probably would have landed within reach of it, but I took appropriate measures to avoid it.. Just my little story
  13. I recently was on a 5 way jump; after we all broke off and pulled we noticed one of the more experienced had cutaway. After time the one who cutaway was clearly folloing her main, while another and probably the most experienced followed her freebag. Is this your own call, whether or not to follow it? Is it something that somewhat depends on your skill level? Eg. Beginner just land at DZ like normal and worry about it after safely landing vs. couple hundred jumps follow it as long as you can find a safe out