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  1. Ohhhh, you'd better watch it Billy. You're interfering with the group hug.
  2. Absolutely no idea. I don't follow the collectibles. What I do see is the same cracks starting to appear now as 2005- 2006 ish. Subprime is back. No-doc loans are back. Zero-down is back. The market has run out of qualified buyers so the crap is being let back into the house. All guaranteed by the FHA and the US goobermint! YOY selling prices are cratering in some markets, which means the people who bought in the past few years and now need to sell can't sell. Their equity has been erased and they don't have the cash to cover the negative. The construction boom in places like Denver will come to a screeching halt. Seatbelts, please.
  3. Congress was never going to give him billions for a wall. I said that back before he even had the nomination and people were freaking out about it- Congress controls spending and it's not going to happen. He couldn't even get it from his own crew, so what he expected to get from the new batch is beyond me. Now, 'Border Security' meaning more manpower, patrols, facilities, court resources that's all great. The Wall was always a strange pipe dream.
  4. To be perfectly honest, get whatever you can in the 1:1 ish range that's used and cheap since you're going to want to swap it out after one season. Exit weight of 190 so you'll probably settle into a 150 in a few years.
  5. Pretty good points, particularly from a HC worker. I was on the IT side myself and avoided patient care areas as much as possible. My problem, as many have said, would be having the data in a database for all time, particularly if I’m not compatible on the basic characteristics. For example, I’m A+ so if the child is incompatible with me being a sire I should not be forced to give a sample.
  6. Here it comes. Inventories are spiking, prices are starting to fall, plus add on climbing mortgage rates with an inverse 10:1 impact on leverage. Strap in, 2019/2020 is going to be bumpy. 2021/2022 will be bloody. It hath been foretold. Manias, panics, and crashes.
  7. Well, one additional thing to consider is moving from a student Navigator to a semi-elliptical. The wingloading increase is a but more 'meh' since you're pretty light, but if you can find a semi in the larger size get a few jumps on that before going to your rig. Î Big concern would be if you have to do a maneuver and you're used to the clunky Navigator. Jumping down and going to a semi could make putting it in Grandma's backyard a bit tougher. 169 is not out of the ballpark. You probably settle into a 135 or a 120 at your exit weight of 140-150 but that's a few seasons down the road. Confirmed cynical sarcastic bastard since 2003
  8. Hip Hop Crisy, excellent Marc. You've outdone yourself as the champion with that one. Can't refute it can you... I DID refute it. With an argument that explains that a background investigation of a single individual based is not the same as wholesale constitutional personal violations. But you ignored all that and went straight to ‘hiphopcrasy’... because you’re a Troll. And somehow I’M the one in trouble despite you CONTINUALLY not making any points of substance. Bill, your ‘don’t read what the troll posts’ answer always has been, and always will be, total bullshit. I’m rapidly approaching the point where it’s not worth posting here. Yep, next thing you know you’ll get a ban for telling someone to suck themselves AFTER they pop off that you obviously hate women that aren’t making you sandwiches and brown people, love guns that you’ve never owned, and various other things that are quite slanderous personal attacks not relevant to discussion. That might be the reason why there are really only about 50 people that actually sticking their heads in here. Confirmed cynical sarcastic bastard since 2003
  9. That's a real good question and I suspect some lawyers out there are going to make a ton of money hammering out the legalities in court. Considering US companies like Altria are investing in the industry, the waters are going to be murky for a long time. Confirmed cynical sarcastic bastard since 2003
  10. I knew we would eventually agree on something. Other than being a Mormon, Romney is a good republican. Carly Fiorina was smarter than anyone else that ran in the last presidential. She had every issue nailed front and back. It just too bad that issues are frequently less important than image. Less important than a funny or flippant one liner in debate. Mitt wouldn’t run for the Senate seat without the intention of serving out his full term. So, no appearance 2020 plus it’s pretty hard to unseat a sitting President for the nomination. But, good chance he’ll be throwing his hat in for 2024. Confirmed cynical sarcastic bastard since 2003
  11. I would LOVE to see Mitt back on the podium for 2020. I think he did himself a good service by waiting out 2016 and is in an excellent position for either 2020 or 2024. Fiorina as well. She's got a mind like a high-speed optical drive. But, pretty sure she's on to bigger and better things than the Oval so the R's will need another good woman candidate to put on the pedestal. Confirmed cynical sarcastic bastard since 2003
  12. Meh if you feel guilty about it plant a couple of pine trees. Or don't drink bottled water. Seriously. I drive truck and I've pulled loads (44,000 pound loads) of bottled water from the plants in Allentown PA, Indianapolis and north of Grand Rapids MI. I would take them hundreds of miles to grocery distribution centers. Then another truck would take them to the stores. That's a lot of fuel used to move something that comes out of a faucet. Yes, I hate bottled water as well. I save the bottles I do have to buy and just refill them if I can. It still sucks flying though since it's almost $4 for a Vitaminwater past security. What I will do is pay 25 or 50 to refill the gallon jugs at a filter station. I did that in PR a lot as the water goes out on a semi-regular basis and when that happens crap can get sucked back into the pipes. But yes, bottled water and K-cups generally suck. I prefer my French press. Confirmed cynical sarcastic bastard since 2003
  13. Meh if you feel guilty about it plant a couple of pine trees. Confirmed cynical sarcastic bastard since 2003
  14. This season, drink He’Brew Messiah Bold. The Chosen Beer-it’s the one you’re been waiting for! Confirmed cynical sarcastic bastard since 2003
  15. [url] That mantra must work, cause the economy and the stock markets keep doing better under Democrats than under Republicans. Maybe the mantra of: we'll squeeze as much out of the poor to give to the rich turns out not being as good for the country. If you want economic prosperity, history says you should vote Democrat. Do you not want economic prosperity for the US? ***Based on her recent whine rant of 'oh, I didn't get treated the same as Paul Ryan and that's just not fair!!! (Stomps feet and holds breath)' I'd say it has more to do with being and coming off as an obnoxious hipster. Yes, because as a Republican the fault could certainly not be with anybody else. Republicans clearly have a problem with women and visible minorities in powerful positions. Don't believe me? Just look at facts: take your current cabinet, take the current GOP leadership. How dare you assume my political ideology. What's next, assuming my gender? Shame, shame, shame. I thought they did a better job of indoctrination than that. Confirmed cynical sarcastic bastard since 2003
  16. I was thinking he should go with a swing shift schedule. Four on days, two off, four on nights, four off or something like that. Not like he can really keep track of everyone at this point anyways. Confirmed cynical sarcastic bastard since 2003
  17. Well, as long as we are going with cartoon caricatures, what does Trump remind you of? Second choice would be that little dude from Farscape that ran around on a floating scooter. Forget the name. Had the big bushy eyebrows and everything . But really, look at Bernie and look at Doc Brown from Back to the Future. It's uncanny, I tell you. Wait a minute. Waaaaait a minuuuute. That's it! I got it! We're being Punked! We got Cusak/Cohen, Lloyd as Sanders, Trump is really a Jim Hensen muppet. OMG- we need to go wide with this! Confirmed cynical sarcastic bastard since 2003
  18. Well, I don't believe you've ever started a thread to mock him with childish language, so you tell me. Bernie's not in the spotlight right now. Hillary saw to that when she took over the DNC and rigged the primaries. Best Bernie's been able to do was his brief affair with Cruz down in Puerto Rico. He tried getting on board with the new flavor-of-the-month but he kept getting upstaged, so he moved on. Confirmed cynical sarcastic bastard since 2003
  19. Well, as long as we are going with cartoon caricatures, what does Trump remind you of? Actually he's got a bit of a Jabba the Hut look. With the jowels and the big lips and all. In fact, I copyright that graphic tight now. Trump as Jabba the Hut. Confirmed cynical sarcastic bastard since 2003
  20. [url]f I could care less if Cusack is in it; I just want to see the movie titled "All the President's Tweets", and directed by Joel & Ethan Coen. Noice! Confirmed cynical sarcastic bastard since 2003
  21. Sometimes a bias can be like a brain injury. The person who has it is the ony one unaware of it. So have I, and she doesn't. What now? It's a free country and you are free to form your own opinions. I have mine, you have yours. Bernie Sanders comes off (to me) as a slightly deranged Christopher Lloyd turned politician that likes to shop at Marshall's. Does that mean I have a bias against men? Confirmed cynical sarcastic bastard since 2003
  22. I'd say your biases are showing again. She is not an infant and she is not a hipster. She is a relatively young woman from a lower middle class background with a left leaning outlook. She is very likely smarter than either of us, and is in all probability going to accomplish more than you. She has already beat me on that count. There is plenty for you to attack in her political views. She is going to fight to move the D party toward something that looks a lot like socialism. Even I find some of her policy positions to be unsustainable. You only belittle yourself when you resort to what looks very much like misogyny. Her gender has nothing to do with it on my end, neither does her status as a nuyorican. I've heard her speak plenty of times, she comes across exactly as I described, and I stand by my opinion. Confirmed cynical sarcastic bastard since 2003
  23. Youngest woman elected to congress. I think she has already done more than most. Again, when Ryan was elected under very similar circumstances, it was lauded as a great accomplishment and a clear sign of his intellect. When a woman repeats this feat, she is ridiculed. Let's see, elected to seat running as an extreme left liberal in a heavily left leaning district using the liberal mantra of 'elect me and I'll give you lots of free stuff.' Based on her recent whine rant of 'oh, I didn't get treated the same as Paul Ryan and that's just not fair!!! (Stomps feet and holds breath)' I'd say it has more to do with being and coming off as an obnoxious hipster. Confirmed cynical sarcastic bastard since 2003
  24. You cannot understand how happy I am that she's been elected! She’s already launching and backing campaigns for 2020 to cannibalize the Democratic Party, unseat current Democratic encumbents, and replace them with more 20-somethings like herself to take the party FARTHER to the extreme socialist left. Confirmed cynical sarcastic bastard since 2003
  25. Ooooooooo! I didn’t mean it like that! That wasn’t intended to be a threat of punitive retaliation using my status as a MOC. Meeeeehehehehehe! Confirmed cynical sarcastic bastard since 2003