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  1. Well, I was just picking that one. I know plenty of people that still overdraw accounts and what not. Years ago I remember reading a USA Today article about bank overdraft fees with debit cards. The individuals profiled were, of course, not the type you would be inclined to extend empathy for their situation. Swipe, swipe, swipe, ding, ding, ding month after month after month. Now, you would think that after getting hit once or maybe twice you’d figure this out. Nope. Strange thing is I mentioned that to my coworker at breakfast and he took the opinion that it’s the banks fault for not teaching this stuff to people bouncing their account.
  2. Start buying coal and mining stocks. Green Power is neither powerful nor green.
  3. Yeah, you would think so. Unfortunately it doesn't appear to work that way in reality. I expectations make $45k this year. I will owe 45*X%. I have Y taken out every week. I will owe/receive Z at the end of the year. It's not hard, but I continue hearing a lot of gnashing of teeth in the media sob stories.
  4. Well, considering there never was any real work done in that direction I'd say you're right. "Home Ec" (modernized for the modern age) should be required. This is a Budget. Here's how you balance an account so you don't bounce your debit swipes all the time. Here's how paychecks, taxes, and withholdings work. Even in the late 80s that wasn't taught on a general level in school.
  5. I dont know, maybe. I think I went out as a Pumpkin one year when I was, like, ten or something.
  6. Yep, it was a government of the many. Now it's a government of the money. But it's the BEST government money can buy. That was a something Bob Brinker used to say on his radio show. Too bad I can't get him on podcast anymore.
  7. Huh, interesting. I wonder if they could use the 'hate crime' paragraph against him? I will say that I find it deeply disturbing that the assassins are out there digging for anything they can find. This has gotten way out of hand. High school and college yearbooks? I mean, what's next? Assignments from English 101? If you go back far enough and deep enough you're going to find something on pretty much everybody..
  8. Aw, you haven't been paying attention. It's only because they don't like women and brown people. Being a wack-a-doodle that never left the college campus has nothing to do with it.
  9. I don't think Fairfax should resign. You want to have a recall vote and fire him? Fine here's the money. You don't want him back next term? Vote him out in the primary.
  10. Yeah, that’s about right.
  11. (Throws sword at dais) Are you not entertained?!
  12. I thought that whole ACORN business was bullshit when it came out. Oh, I’m a pimp with underage girls can you help me do my taxes? That guy should’ve been punched in the face and turned into the cops right there. Oh, you’re not really a sex trafficking pimp? Sorry, my bad. The really bad part is the people who really need financial advice can’t afford it.
  13. Please don’t play this game Bill. You are far too educated and accomplished to stoop to this level of patronization.
  14. This is entertainment. You can't have a real discussion on an internet forum.
  15. I can see sig lines taking up an enormous amount of space, though. Don't know if it's possible to adjust display font size in the profile. I could do with a smaller font so I can see more per screen.
  16. I haven't done mine yet. I usually do a pro-forma in December so I can make last minute adjustments. Curious what the total tax liability difference will be in actuality. Unfortunately, news stories like this just point out the extreme need for basic financial education in this country.
  17. It's better for using a mobile, imo. Easier to read.
  18. I'm supposed to have an actual point? Oh, sorry the rules weren't explained. I'm just here waiting for the next dancer to take the pole. It's gonna be great when I start getting my "guaranteed economic security checks." I can come here every night! Course, I'll have to downgrade my tips from quarters to dimes to stretch it all month.
  19. I absolutely agree- bleed the bastards dry. Let’s start with Pelosi. She’s worth a couple of ten million dollars. She doesn’t need all that. Bernie doesn’t need his three vacation houses- he can give one of those to me as part of my “free guaranteed housing.”
  20. Welcome to the club! We have mixers first Friday of the month down by the river.
  21. Hey, I'm on your side now. I'm looking forward to the Indians getting the Island of Manhattan returned to them as part of the new "Social and Racial Justice" movement. After that, California can go back to Mexico.
  22. Ya know what, I had an epiphany this past week while driving 1200+ miles and putting in sixty plus site hours in Northern Iowa. Dealing with the freezing wind chill, ice spikes so I don’t bust my ass, blizzard white out conditions. I’m just sick of doing it. I’m tired of being away from home and friends and family. I’m tired of having to go out and earn a check to survive being a producer and providing a service. AOC is the best thing to ever happen to this country. I want my free shit. I want my government guaranteed house. I want my free health care so I don’t have to pay $400 for these inhalers that only cost that much because the last “great left hope” banned CFCs for medical applications and everything went back into patent. I want my “unwilling to work” guaranteed economic security. SOMEONE ELSE can come up here and deal with this crap. I just want some of the money that THEY went out and FROZE THEIR ASS OFF to earn. And I should get some of EVERYONE ELSE’S MONEY because we’re all part of one big happy collective and we’re supposed to share everything. Fuck this crap.
  23. Heh, back when I was In the mills we called that being on “the table-top project.”
  24. Crotch printed shorts for $138? I’m sorry, that stuff looks straight out of a prison yard.
  25. I think you mean 'Fauxcahontas' fresh off her apology tour to the Cherokee Nation. I think the DNC debates are going to be worthy of Alpha House. But since Clinton isn't there to take over and rig the primary it's anyone's guess at this point.