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  1. The best thing that could happen for the left would be to have a strong economy and the middle-class living well. That would result in an pretty decent chance of Trump getting a second term, or if he chooses not to run someone else from the Republican side.
  2. Never heard of her. But then again, I get emails almost every week in every company I've ever worked for that some muckedy-muck I've never heard of is leaving or now reporting to some other muckedy-muck (that I've never heard of either.) (Shrug) never seems to change anything.
  3. Heh, the secondary market got flooded after the House of Saud had to sell off their private fleet..
  4. If you like your low paying job and your housing project, you can KEEP your low paying job and your housing project!
  5. Hey, If Amazon is still wanting to be in NY for some reason they can go a few hundred miles WNW and plunk it down in the Finger Lakes or Oswego or Rochester. I wouldn’t go to Buffalo because the Winter there can really suck. All four seasons, fishing, boating, two ski mountains about an hour away.
  6. Oh, no no no no. This is the boroughs of NYC. “Right-Wingers” need not apply. And there was no “meme” required because there is plenty of footage of Occassional-Cortex herself on camera saying that it’s really great Amazon isn’t coming to NY. And the face on that poster in the 14th District is her’s because, real shock here Bill, IT’S HER DISTRICT! Crowley, the former rep of the 14th district of NY, was also a Democrat. The ‘historical event’ of AOC winning the primary and getting the D next to her name only happened because 85% of the 230k Democrats in that district didn’t bother to even show up for the primary as opposed to the 30k that did. But hey, the 100k plus that actually voted in November did a great job of going “D D D, oh here it is the big D. Punch that one.” I do not believe that mistake will be repeated in 2020. And before you ask, I was born and raised in Western Upstate NY, so I have a particular sensitivity to the rest of the inhabitants of that fine place that have to live under the crushing boot heel of NYC and people like AOC.
  7. Oh, I’m sorry, you apparently missed the part with the caption that says “Amazon HQ2- any questions?” As in “Any questions why you should NOT vote for this person to represent your interests?”
  8. She is celebrating Amazon not moving into/next door to her district (depending on where the actual lines are being drawn.). The 14th district has a median/average per capital income a hair under $50k. Amazon comes into the area and boosts that even 15-20% to 60ish and that would be huge. Instead she’s mugging the camera about how this NOT happening is a good thing. Being a woman and a minority has nothing to do with it.
  9. Perpetrating a hoax against yourself or your specific group to get attention and support from the general public is never a good idea. When it is, and ultimately will be, discovered to be a hoax the backlash will be severe.
  10. Dateline NYC 2020: in a stunning turn of events, Alexandria Occassional-Cortex, the youngest person ever elected to Congress, was solidly defeated in the primary by her 2018 opponent and long-term former Representative Crowley. Apparently, the roughly the 200k registered Democrats in the 14th district that forgot there was an election in 2018 decided to show up. John Smith, a long term resident of the Bronx, voted for Ms. Cotez in the 2018 general election. He had this to say about the turn of events: ”Yeah, we sure got burned on that one. I was so used to just showing up in November and punching whoever had the big D by their name I usually didn’t even think about it. This time I’m actually reading the names.” Crowley, who is expected to regain his seat in Washington, ran one of the simplest campaigns in History and didn’t even show up to a public debate. Instead, his place at the podium was occupied by a big easel with a picture of the Incumbent in the Capitol Building hallway and the caption “Amazon HQ2- any questions?” The same image was run on local TV in 15 second spots followed by a Crowley 2020 banner.
  11. Cuomo was also disappointed, but he took out his anger on the legislators who worked to torpedo the deal. “[A] small group [of] politicians put their own narrow political interests above their community — which poll after poll showed overwhelmingly supported bringing Amazon to Long Island City — the state's economic future and the best interests of the people of this state. The New York state Senate has done tremendous damage. They should be held accountable for this lost economic opportunity.”
  12. (Shrug) those were the estimates from Amazon’s agreement with the legislature. Estimate net jobs over ten years and average estimated salary. Like I said- fudge them anyway you like, cut one in half or both by a quarter, and the ROI is still pretty attractive.
  13. When they announced that location I said 'one of the most expensive places to live in the country that is doing fine. Put it in WVA or Kentucky or someplace else that could use the jobs' (or something like that.). So, we shall see what the actually do. Nashville is a good choice, though, and I imagine Cookeville is going to get a nice boost.
  14. You gotta pay to play. 25k x $150k x 6% is $225mil/year. Call it a capital investment with a ROI. 25% per annum over the longer term is pretty good. Fudge it up it down any way you like and it's still attractive.
  15. Amazon pull HQ2 out of Queens. 25k jobs gone. Occassional-Cortex rejoices. Rep. Rashida Tlaib promotes Eminent Domain to seize GM manufacturing facilities (which is private property) for Green New Deal. Interesting times indeed. (How do I change fonts on this dang thing)
  16. OK, to which Americans would YOU GUARANTEE high-quality health care; affordable, safe, and adequate housing; economic security, access to clean water, clean air, healthy and affordable food, training, and high-quality education? Please be specific.
  17. Free stuff! Free stuff! I shouldn’t have had to take twenty hours of core engineering and work twenty five hours a week in the dining hall to pay my rent and buy my pasta and Campbell’s Pork N Beans! How was I so wrong?! All that should have been free! Forget all those late-night hours studying to keep that partial academic scholarship. All that crap should’ve been FREE so I could spend my time going out screwing sorority girls.
  18. She took a page from the Trump Campaign Handbook. Get your mug into the media any way you can.
  19. Billy, man, don’t mess with my free stuff. Tell ya what, we all get “free education and guaranteed housing and guaranteed economic security” and we can all GO BACK TO SCHOOL! It’ll be absolutely EPIC! We’ll have the best frat house on campus! Hot tubs, vibrating beds, hot and cold running empty-headed sorority chicks, the sky is the limit! And Occasional-Cortex is gonna get us that FOR FREE!
  20. Hey Billy- did you see this nonsense about people questioning Kamala Harris’ “blackness?” Haaaaahahahahahah! They’re starting to eat their own. It’s gonna be a fun two years.
  21. My former roommates father worked for Southern Co and pioneered that company getting the EV-1 on employee lease-back to satisfy the fleet requirements. Fantastic car. If GM went ahead with the EV-2 series hybrid they could have owned that segment of the market before Elon even created PayPal. Tesla will be either bankrupt or absorbed by another company by 2021 without another massive infusion of capital or rollling it into Space-X. Put options are still pretty cheap for Jan 2021, you should consider buying some. I plan on making money on the concrete, iron, coal, coppper, and other metals/rare earths that are required to create those monstrosities to the sky called 2 MW wind turbines. The same ones I just spent five days looking at in Iowa two hours from the nearest city (Sioux Falls) that could actually use the power. Not that it mattered because only about one out of four was actually spinning.
  22. Like I said, buy coal and mining stocks. You’ll do pretty good in the midterm time frame. Green Power is not really green.
  23. Well, she does want to give free stuff to everyone. That was the basic plank of her campaign before she even won the election. Free housing for all, free transportation for all, free healthcare for all, free education for all. As long as “free stuff” is on the menu I want my free stuff, too. Guaranteed economic security for those unable or unwilling to work. Someone else can go out and do the actual work, just give me my economic security. (It was pretty cold up in Iowa. I’d rather take my free stuff.)
  24. I would love to be able to tell liberals to just move to CCCP if they love that sort of thing so much, but the Great Communist Experiment failed about 30 years ago.
  25. Well, yes John but nobody actually paid that. The 90% tax rate was as an attempt by the Fed to get a few of these Industrialist families that made buckets off the war to pay some taxes.