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  1. Go for it ;) i have 2 full white suits. Reb2 has 500+ jumps, needs a wash.
  2. Intrudair has done pretty good suits, not familiar with Piranha 3 itself, customer service has been really good as well the quality of the suits. im pretty sure you will be happy with it.
  3. Non planned, but cool flights in the begining.
  4. Awesome pic, Juan. One non-working high speed exit :)
  5. Being part of the most of the records which has set in the past, i just don't give a *uck about records. I Love skyflying, big ways are cool but most boring way to fly wing suit. It's more about people around doing together the things which has never done before. From the An-72 boogie in Germany 2007 till 2015 it has been awesome to see the quality of bigway and skyflying getting to the next level. It's Been a pleasure to have a chance to be a part of it. Price has been pretty high of this kind of events, Steve,Irina also all who were lost after reaching these achievements, Eli, Jeff,iBrian,Jhonathan,Jonathan. RIP Records are made to being broken I would love to see it happening again in the future broken by the quality not changing by the rules. -True Pioneers does not ask permission
  6. Wingloads 3.2, 3.4, 3.6 More wl made it harder to Rebel2, easier with Venom power Keep your handgripsers, let the CP take grips Something we did last summer:
  7. Define sketchy low tail ;)
  8. Highlights of WAT boogie
  9. 2004 Birdman Firebird 1st flight 2004 BM skyflyer1 -60 jumps :) 2007 Bm Blade 400+ Test flied, S-Fly, Bm Skyflyer's 3,3s,6,8,Tengu 2008 PF, Vampire, Ghost, Tony's x-wing,XS-Bird, 2009 R-bird,S-bird,X-bird,Rigor Mortis 2011 X2 400+, testflied Viper, 2013 BM Blade3 borrowed 30, 2014 BM Katana 40, Tony's Rebel2 100, PF Havoc 40+ Havoc as multipurpose&backflying, Rebel for competitions, Katana just for fun Quote
  11. Dubai winter festival was pretty cool this year, next one will be awesome.