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  1. Here's another comparison between Storm and WinX, so I'm not sure if this helps you but maybe it helps someone else. My rig is built for a Storm 150. Now I put a WinX 210 Light in it, with more space left than with the Storm. /Micke
  2. Hi Hajo Well actually we thought we had it all figured out between wingsuiters and pilots after several previous incidents. But all these incidents were longer into the jumps, not at exit. And never in my wildest dreams would I have thought it possible to end up in front of the aircraft two sec after exit.
  3. Here's a story that happened to me a couple of years back. I’ve been reluctant to post it since it sounds a bit… unlikely. I have never in my wildest imagination thought something like this could happen. One lesson to take away from this is that we cannot imagine everything that can, and will, happen. Shit definitely happens. I was jumping alone from our DZ's DeHavilland Beaver. Plan was to start flying 45 degrees off line of flight. I did a bad exit, a little headlow and turned into line of flight. I glanced over my shoulder to see where the aircraft was and saw it aiming directly towards me. The prop was huge and close and I thought I would collide with the prop or wing. At this point I didn't reflect over why I was infront of the plane, I was just surprised and sure it was going to hurt. Luckily I flew over the wing and the rest of the freefall.... well, I can't remember anything of it. As it turned out the pilot put the plane on a step dive at the same time as I exited. This killed some of his forward speed while I probably gained, or at least kept, my forward speed when I f-cked up my exit. The pilot saw me briefly in front of the plane and too was sure I was going to hit the wing. He said I passed over the outer edge of the wing. After this incident it was decided that whenever wingsuits are jumping last, the pilots must continue for 10 sec on heading and level before descending. Has anyone ever heard about something similar to this? /Micke
  4. Jarno, How is to fly without a rigg? Do you find it different compared to what you are used to? /Micke
  5. That's a nice one It's from 2001. Per jumped the french suit, one of the first sold. At 400m he provoked a linetwist with a spin. He used both hands to cutaway, it was hard to chop. Then the reservhandle went into the suit making for a low deployment. I saw it from the ground. It looked interesting. Per was really happy when he got back, kind of high , and spent next 30 min with the jump leader who wanted him grounded for the remaining of the day.... Micke Member of Team Bautasten
  7. Excellent reporting by Sky News... "That's a testjump there.... and he is moving UPWARDS of course---- since he pulled the chute". I want a chute like that.
  8. So sorry to hear that.... Such a nice guy. Condolences from Team Bautasten of Sweden. /Micke
  9. MickeN

    Jump to work?

    No, I'm working in HELL. I don't dare make any jumps here, don't want to get thrown out of the country. Can you imagine waken up each morning, and on your way to the kitchen walk by a perfectly good 400ft exit? I use the mantra, "I'm not a BASE jumper... I'm not a BASE jumper... I'm not...". At least the rig is packed, just in case... you know, there could be a fire. /Micke Team Bautasten of Sweden
  10. MickeN

    Jump to work?

    When I woke up this morning, this is the view that greeted me. I'm not sure why I didn't jump to work, no one would have seen it. But.... it was a nice morning anyway /Micke N Team Bautasten of Sweden
  11. MickeN

    Unknown swedes

    Remember the trailer of last years Team Bautasten of Sweden DVD "Team Bautasten USA Tour 2005"? http://www.triaxproductions.com Well, as it appears, an unknown underground swedish SKYDIVER(!) group has taken that theme to a new level. Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTog9YwF8jg Micke N Team Bautasten of Sweden
  12. I moved to Dubai a week ago and all I can say is...... IT SUCKS!!! Seeing all these cool high buildings and not being able to jump them is just hell Getting caught would probably result in a one-way-ticket out of the country. So I say..... forget Dubai! Micke N Team Bautasten of Sweden
  13. How long, in terms of minutes, is the hike out? /Micke Team Bautasten
  14. HA HA!!! Priceless Mikki!! /Micke Team Bautasten