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  1. Hi Guys, I hope everyone is good and doing what you guys love! I just wanted to share this short video from my last trip to Egypt, it was far the best trip of my life as a Photographer/Skydiver! Its really crazy where our passion for Photography and Skydiving can take us! An amazing, a beautiful and a really magic place! Big hug! Juan Mayer
  2. Hi Juan, You make amazing pictures. If I buy your book, can you send me a few in 4k resolution to use as background for my computer? Thank you! Thank you so much lyosha, I really appreaciate it!!!! Normally Im not selling or send the original files of my photos in full resolution, but of course I can send you any of the pictures you want in very good resolution for your computer!!!!! Thanks again!!!!
  3. Thank you so much GoneCodFishing!!!!! Of course you can use it! Juan Mayer
  4. Hi Guys, I took this photo a few days ago, doing a high speed exit - 140knots from a Sherpa!!! We were lucky that we got clouds over the desert in Dubai!!! I hope you guys like it :) Thanks Juan Mayer
  5. Thanks Jack!!!! It would be great! Please let me know if I could help you with anything!!!! Here is my email address [email protected] Juan Mayer
  6. Thank you so much Joel45!!!!! Juan Mayer
  7. Thank you so much Andrew!!!! Juan Mayer
  8. Thank you so much Pat, I really appreciate it!!!!!! Actually I just did the "click" with my camera, but the true is that they did an amazing wingsuit exit!!!! Juan Mayer
  9. It wasnt easy to convince the balloon operator, but finally we got it :) Thank you so much Aaron! Juan Mayer
  10. Hi hjumper33: Actually the guy in the blue and yellow suit was flying totally fine after this frame. But the one on top of him, the one in the red and white suit went head down :) Anyways, balloon jumps are just for the exit photos :) Thanks and have a good flights!!!! Juan Mayer
  11. Thank you so much Jeff!!!! Juan Mayer
  12. Hahahhaahhaha, Thanks Loudtom!!! Juan Mayer
  13. Hi Guys, This is a photo of a jump we did yesterday! I think its the biggest group of wingsuits exiting at the same time from a balloon!!!! I hope you guys like it!!!! Juan Mayer