Juan Mayer 

Juan Mayer, originally from Argentina, started skydiving about 14 years ago. It wasn't long before he started combining his two passions, photography and skydiving.

Skydiving is not a cheap sport and in order to keep jumping after he got his first 100 jumps, he had to find a way to finance his new hobby. Since he was already a photographer, he decided to attach a camera to his helmet and offer other skydivers his services in the air, for the price of the jump ticket.

By paying close attention to the more experienced skydivers he began to improve his skills.

Juan has been into Photography for about 15 years and he also has more than 9000 jumps. During all these years, Juan Mayer was travelling around the world doing what he loves, taking photos at many different skydiving events; record attemps, boogies, demos, tandems, big formations, fun jumps, etc, etc.

He has been working for Skydive Dubai for almost 3 years ago,. He is part of the Skydiving Team representing UAE as a Photographer/Skydiver, and can't see himself doing anything other than skydiving and photography. At the moment Juan is working on 2 big personal photographic/skydiving projects which will be a very important part of his life, of course these projects are about Photography and Skydiving.

Juan Mayer has participated in many photo and video productions, TV comercials, magazine publications, etc.

Some of his recent jobs are:
He was invited by Nikon Middle East to work together in a project launching a new Nikon Camera in all Middle East, the Nikon D5300.
He also worked on a very important video production, using RED cameras. This video was used at the Opening Ceremony for the last International Parachuting Competition organized in Dubai.

Juan Mayer, has been using Nikon cameras for many years, and still uses them today. He currently shoots with a Nikon D600 and Nikon D800. He uses numerous different Nikorr lenses in his work.

He has been using gear from Aerodyne for many years, a neXgen and Icon rigs, a Pilot 150 and a Smart 150. A Cypres AAD and a hand made helmet by Argentinian Sebas Monte.


You can find more of Juan Mayer's work on his website: Juanmayer.com