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  1. Well I barely skydive (barely = 141 jumps or so in about 5 years). Since moving to NYC, it has been a combination of contract gigs, freelance gigs, and unemployment.
  2. But seriously though... Nearly 99% of all my friends (including high school classmates, grad school classmates, and even former students of mine) are seriously dating, engaged, married, married with a child (or two), have an apt/condo/house, have steady careers that provide a reliable paycheck (albeit careers that are definitely not for me)...and I'm single, moved to NYC a little over a year ago, and trying to put together an artistic career and trying to find a job. Am I doing something wrong? I'm definitely passionate about my career choice and have no desire of changing it to something else, going back to school, etc. I just don't see myself doing anything else. Then again, I thought that I would have a steady job, an established career, and at least a serious relationship. But I have none of those things except my passion for my design work and knowledge that I will make it. it the wrong approach, and would I be better off having something more predictable and steady, yet somewhat boring? And yes, I am referring to both jobs and relationships... Weigh in fellow skydivers!
  3. Now THAt is an awesome dog!!!! There was an article in Yahoo's front page today with a slightly longer/more detailed video.
  4. ...and eyebrows fair game for a trimmin'! Oh that's just...wrong. Waking up with no eyebrows and & half a mustache is a training aid! NEVER drink more than you can handle!! or at least learn to walk around with your shoes off I am NEVER drinking and falling asleep at a DZ with you guys around. ESSSSHHH!!!!
  5. ...and eyebrows fair game for a trimmin'! Oh that's just...wrong.
  6. That's just immoral, unethical and wrong in general! STOP DOING IT!!
  7. You mean you don't fill out your log book as you're on final approach? No, I'm too busy editing my GoPro footage. Oh right. What WAS I thinking?
  8. Tickets purchased. Hope LFL this year breaks all records from the years before and then some!
  9. You mean you don't fill out your log book as you're on final approach?
  10. How's Belize around November? And I'll send you a PM in a bit...thanks!
  11. Do the PADI eLearning for $120, which will save your vacation time from sitting in a classroom. You'll still have to prove you know your stuff and review with the instructors though. ETA: You're so close to Dutch Springs. I bet if you get right on the eLearning and link to a dive shop and call them to tell of your plans, you could be OW certified before you leave NYC for a vacation. Good luck. Thanks luv!! Advice is much appreciated from you and everyone else. Can't wait to do this...
  12. Now THIS is a first class incentive! I may do the boogie regardless...IF i have a job/money. But the reason why I want to go in October is that I'll be finished (hopefully) with my book by then, it will be at the publisher, and I will want to take a much needed vacation. I want one now...but will wait until the book is signed off.
  13. I never learned...because I never left it lying around.
  14. Honestly? It depends on how 'filthy' the drawing was. Was not possible to just laugh it off and forget about it? I'll venture a guess and say it was a. done by accident in the wrong logbook, b. whoever did it didn't mean any harm and didn't think the person would get that embarrassed, or c. a and b together. Can't you just let it go? That's part of the culture...same as flashing the pilot, beer for all your 'firsts', etc etc etc.
  15. I am in NYC. Doubt I'll be doing any dives in the Hudson. If I go somewhere, it will be about 2 weeks.
  16. Has anyone here done anything like that? I want to take off to some warm islands for two weeks in September or October to get my scuba diving license. Has anyone here done any all-inclusive scuba certification trips, or is there even such a thing? Also, would love some recommendations for scuba diving destinations. I'm thinking Bahamas, Cozumel, etc...
  17. Good timing...except that I live in NYC now and the car has been staying at my folks' house in CT. So...probably won't get another car. Maybe a motorcycle? If I get a few thousand for it, I'll either get a new rig, or will go to the islands for a few weeks and get my scuba diving license.