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  1. Awww she's adorable. Train her to pack your rig! She'll be the best DZ dog in the history of the sport.
  2. Only the pain of my stupidity. No bruises, no whiplash, nothing. I got lucky... Be careful. I hear that most people get pregnant by accident. Go get a test. Hope its not twins. I know my name is Nikita, and my name sounds feminine, and people call me Nikki, Kiki, Nicci, etc...but I am a guy. Therefore, for me to get pregnant is a physical impossibility. Don't make me post proof that I am indeed a guy.
  3. Only the pain of my stupidity. No bruises, no whiplash, nothing. I got lucky...
  4. Good point...except I already received a citation for it and there isn't much I can do about it anyways. "Excessive speeds and improper lane change" SPEEDING? ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY??!!! Okay, got that out of the way. HAH! Thanks for the laugh.
  5. Thanks Lisa! Amazingly, I walked away without a single scratch. Having the seatbelt on and not having a direct impact into anything (it was more of a slide, then bounced off the curb onto the guardrail, then slid along the guard rail, then was stopped by the metal post as my momentum significantly diminished) helped greatly. I just climbed out the window and sat on the guard rail after I called the police, waving at other drivers who slowed down to take photos. Did I mention that someone rearended another car while he was taking a photo of mine, and another car slid out trying not to hit the car in front of them because they were taking photos too??
  6. Good point...except I already received a citation for it and there isn't much I can do about it anyways. "Excessive speeds and improper lane change"
  7. ...going about 65 in a 55. Wet roads after storm, slightly balding tires, going around a turn on the highway...and that's all she wrote. Have taken similar turns at a faster speed in dry weather, and never had issues. But, was stupid to do on the wet road. If it wasn't for the metal pole in 04.jpg, I probably would've kept sliding, and would've either tumbled downhill, or gone right off the overpass onto the road below. Could've been a lot worse. I guess someone was watching... Anyways, lesson learned.
  8. I believe if you go into Craigslist, they have a section for that. Make sure you click the 'FforM' section though.
  9. Groups of grown men and women holding hands and sticking their tongues out at each other. That sounds like your average class of sex addicts anonymous. Err...or so I heard.
  10. Aside from the typical debauchery and drinking, what else do you think of? For skydivers, what imagery/objects are typically associated with their culture?
  11. Thanks for the kind words y'all. Ken, I will move on and remember my grandma the way she was, but I will not forgive the hospital staff for the mistakes they committed. I come from a family of medicine (psychiatrists, dentists, bacteriologists, army doctors, etc.) and I've been around medicine most of my life. I've seen what a caring doctor/nurse/etc can do and I've seen what one 'little' mistake committed by someone who is 'just there to do a job' can do. The mistakes made were UNACCEPTABLE for someone who's technically suppose to care about their job and possess the knowledge to care of someone in a critical situation. My grandma had the patience of a saint and every medical procedure she's gone through in her while, she maybe complained once or twice. If she complained about how someone treated her or how some had to poke her arms 7 or 8 times because they couldn't draw blood from her, and in doing so caused her bloody blisters on the arms, then yes...I WILL hold that against them. And that wasn't even the worst of it.
  12. Thanks rock. The support and kind thoughts are very much appreciated!
  13. Thanks luv...much appreciated. And you STILL called me Niki..horrible. Just...horrible.
  14. Lost my grandma to it this past saturday...she would've been 90 on Tuesday. She had a rough last four months, and the last 4 weeks in the hospital were torture for her...both mental and physical. When I first went to see her in the hospital and she started crying in my arms because of the mental and physical pain and fatigue she dealt with, I just lost it. They did exploratory surgery the weekend before last to see the tumor could be removed, but it was too late...too far spread. The sad thing is that the hospital staff committed several (proven later to be costly and significant) mistakes that delayed the surgery...and there was no reason besides human error and miscommunication by several 'doctors.' After the exploratory surgery determined the tumor to be very aggressive and fast spreading, it became obvious that it spread far more in the last 4 to 5 weeks rather than the previous 3 months or so. Had they not committed those mistakes...she may have still been alive. But...all that it pointless now. Services were yesterday. She was an amazing person, an amazing mother and grandmother, and there isn't anyone like her. Love you and miss you grandma. The photo is almost exactly from a year ago on her birthday on July 3rd, 2011. Those of you who are lucky to have living grandparents, go hug them and tell them you love them.
  15. Looks the construction and the support system for the seat/back. My only thought as a graphic designer would be this: it looks a bit disproportionate, especially from a side view. The rocking part that transitions to the arms of the chair look really oversized compared to the seat/back support. If it doesn't compromise the design/rocking part/support & stability, I would make those parts a bit smaller..they just look a bit clunky. Otherwise, looks great! I'd buy one.
  16. This is proper grocery store etiquette. Work safe btw for all you paranoid people.
  17. "So you're tellin' me there's a CHANCE?" - Jim Carrey -
  18. Nevermind...I killed the humor. How ya doin' man?
  19. Sorry...mouse scrolled too fast. You know how it is when things happen too in skydiving I mean.
  20. Pfft not caring is a way to get his ass thrown off me and out the door. It is beyond anger. Here is a secret. If she doesn't know how to get herself off, you will never get her off. Half of what makes it work for women is them knowing what THEY need to do to make it work. Sure some guys have tricks, but a woman who knows what she wants will know what needs to be done to make it happen. Pretty simple hey YOU doin'?
  21. 50? I thought you'd be pushing triple digits by now. edit: sorry, thought you were Twardo. Nevermind!!!
  22. Haven't been around for a while. Trying to make it in NYC, working, looking for work, and not skydiving. Haven't jumped since last October...can someone do the math for me? It's upsetting when I try to do it. How y'all doing, boys and girls?