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  1. Was looking at some jobs in the NYC area and came across this link. Love the photo...and was wondering who took it. Oh and I hope the company is using this photo legally.
  2. Search around on Youtube. He had a few other things going for him.
  3. What's her name: Eileen JerryBaumchen Q. How do you get a one-armed man out of a tree? A. Wave to him. Q. How do you get that one-armed man back up the tree? A. Threaten to cut off his other arm.
  4. Still up in the air but could be going there for a conference later this year. Has anyone ever been there? Any thoughts/suggestions/etc.? Oh, and is there a DZ there?
  5. What's a one-eyed person's least favorite place to eat? Popeyes. Where does a one-legged waiter work? IHOP.
  6. A blind man walks into a store, and all of a sudden lifts up his dog and starts swinging him around on the leash. A terrified manager runs up to him and says "Sir sir sir what are you doing???" The blind man says "Oh I'm just looking around."
  7. This thread should've been called "BAD JOKE OF THE DAY CLUB" A baby seal walks into a bar. Bartender says "What'll you have?" Seal replies "Anything but a club on the rocks." A baby seal walks into a club.
  8. F***!!! I need to lose another 12 lbs before I can think about doing this...there's a weight limit. Curses!!!!
  9. I was in a pub on Saturday night. Had a few drinks........ I noticed two large women by the bar. They both had strong accents so I asked "Hey, are you two ladies from Scotland?" One of them screamed "It's WALES you IDIOT!" So, I immediately apologized and said "Sorry, are you two whales from Scotland?" That's all I remember.....
  10. 1. Does the name Pavlov ring a bell?? 2. Descartes walks into a bar. The bartender says "Hey would you like a beer?" Descartes says "I think not..." and POOF! He disappears...
  11. Sequim is fairly close to Shelton, WA ( ~ 80 miles ) which is home to Skydive Kapowsin. It is a very pretty drive this time of the year. This is a very modern dz and exceptionally well ran. It would make a great stop just to hang out for a few hours; I would suggest that you call ahead first just to know if they are open on any given day/weather. Ask for Jesse or Geoff Farrington and tell them I said, 'Hi.' And of course there is that dufus by the name of John Mitchell who hangs out there on occasion; but his wife is quite nice. JerryBaumchen Oh...JOHN hangs out there? Ugh...I might as well go straight to Canada. If this trip happens, I'll definitely swing by there. Would love to meet some of the West Coast DZers as well as get a few jumps in.
  12. Ha. Ha. HAAA. May be in Sequim, Washington for a day...but open to suggestions afterwards. Maybe do some skydiving while I am there?
  13. Ha. Ha. HAAA. May be in Sequim, Washington for a day...but open to suggestions afterwards. Maybe do some skydiving while I am there?
  14. I may be in Washington state for a few days in early June. Purely for pleasure...visiting a friend. What else is there to do? Any Washingtonians want to show me a good time?
  15. Russian...and I love it. Too damn funny.
  16. This looks amazing! Would you do it?
  17. Get better Normie! Andrea, you'd be even more of a wonderful girlfriend if you brought me some beer as well.
  18. He doesn't even know HOW to make coffee. That was his training seminar.
  19. I believe this meets your requirements (nsfw): Damn you!! The coffee just barely missed the computer screen, and I'm still coughing. Curses on you sir...curses!!!
  20. It's not fat damn it! It's a built-in weight belt!!