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  1. don't forget the other commonality in your last 6 failed relationships is YOU Who said they failed? Maybe they are all still going...
  2. The last six relationships I've had were with women whose names started with the letter M. Perhaps I should explore the other 25 letters as well? So which letter is the best?
  3. Thought you were referring to Ace Ventura. "Excuse me, but can I ass you a few questions??"
  4. There are less and less great musicians remaining. Her most well-known hit, for those of you who aren't familiar with her.
  5. Because Chuck Norris said so. And noone...and I mean NOONE in their right mind would go against Chuck Norris.
  6. Yep...that's exactly the one I was thinking of.
  7. HA!! I just got home and I'm still laughing... Some young guy was chatting me up tonight... When I called his bluff and told him to take me home and fuck me senseless he just turned red and mumbled he couldn't because he still lives with his parents You see... Older woman + younger guy = doesn't work!!! Hahahahaha. You crack me up My question is, what would you had he stepped up and said "SURE!!" Reckon I'd have given him a fair chance to prove his skillz!! And I couldn't take him home to my place... Trains/buses to my village had long since stopped running and I didn't have a spare helmet. excuses excuses . . . Burn. I hate it when a woman calls a man's bluff and then either says or implies that she wouldn't have had the balls to follow through with it had he called her bluff.
  8. Sometimes it seems difficult to convince an older woman that you DO want something serious and you are mature enough to handle it...especially if she finds out you're a skydiver.
  9. Your WL isn't high enough...Sorry Ouch...that hurts.
  10. I'm disappointed noone wants me. I thought that having a female name would surely get me some action!
  11. How much would you commute to a job, and what factors would influence your decision? Keep in mind the time in the poll is only one way, so the full back and forth commute is double that. Would you spend 2-4 hours per day on traveling to a good job, yet come to terms that time is taking a bite out of other activities in life?
  12. I don't mean THAT much older...maybe 10 years tops.
  13. We all know that the older guy/younger woman scenario sometimes works. But...what about younger guy/older woman? Anyone on here part of that equation? How do you make it work? And...what is your age difference? Just...curious.
  14. Amen...looking for a full time job right now, and it's not easy. Wish I had my teaching job and the stability of a state university paycheck...
  15. So it's true, Nikkie! Si, verdad. verdad!
  16. Querida Sunshine, Tengo un gato grande en mis pantalones, y es una problem. Que puedo hacer? Gracias, Un mujer con gato grande en sus pantalones
  17. Just don't stick him with a needle and put him to sleep before he gets onto an airplane. Congrats Nigel!
  18. Actually it's not for me, but for a good friend/ex-coworker of mine. She has a poster in the Say Something Poster Project. Would you click on the link and give her your vote? I'd greatly appreciate it! She needs 500 total votes and has about 400 to go. Thanks y'all...happy 2012!!!
  19. Don't know if we had a thread about it...but props to you for doing the right thing.
  20. Made something for my grandmother and mother, bought some gifts for my friends and best friends' family that I'll be celebrating New Years with (being Russian and all, we do the whole tree/gifts/etc on the 31st/1st) helped out a few friends for some worthy causes, did a Secret Santa swap with some fellow designers, etc. My best friend's family said "oh we don't want any gifts just you being here is great for us" so I KNOW they were lyin'. Had to get creative with the gifts.
  21. Good to know So, would anyone else do the same thing?