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  1. I beginning to figure that out. It's taken me since Thanksgiving Weekend to get a total of 8 jumps so far. It hasn't always been weather problems (lack of pilot, lack of plane, lack of available instructor), but wind does seem to be the biggest cause of me being stuck on the ground. I am having fun on those days getting to know the other jumpers and I am learning a lot from watching how they land. Everyone tells me it will get better as summer gets closer. I sure hope so!!! Skydivers should have magnetic knee and elbow pads and just attach themselves to the outside of the plane like sucker fish. Then, at proper altitude, hit the switch and wooooooooooooooo!! Maestra, sorry to hear you're rained out again! Looks like 73, hot and sunny for tomorrow....wish me luck!
  2. I was thinking of yelling "Cowabunga"...think that will be appropriate?
  3. "Skygods" don't pack...they complain about the canopy being in the way until it packs itself. I thought that was Chuck Norris...
  4. fna. spent all day there and didn't get to jump...clouds/wind/clouds/wind/clouds/wind...damn.. going back at 10am tomorrow...wish me luck! ps. everyone else who jumped today, how'd you guys do? pps. DougH, I am not a woman...repeat...NOT a woman!
  5. hahah...that's hilarious...and i would recommend a detention for that joke
  6. Oh wise guy eh? You know what we do with wise guys like you in Russia? And i won't be spending money on a video until I go through all my required jumps and get enough practice and training so I can go on my own completely. All the other noobs, how's the weather looking? The weather for my DZ looks crappy. Rain..rain...and more rain... Looks like the Rain in Spain stay mainly above my DZ
  7. Just concentrate on what your instructors have taught you, they have given you all the information you need to succeed. Now you just need to smile, have fun, and follow through. If you are heading to CPI, I saw you were from CT, then make sure you say hello if I get stuck manifesting. Hey DougH, Nice to see another CT member on here. I will be jumping out of Ellington. I appreciate the tips as well!
  8. Right on, fellow skydiving noobie! :) Weather permitting, I HOPE to jump on Sat. Where are you located? I'm in CT, and it is still a bit chilly. I'm hoping for blue skies and great weather on Saturday!
  9. Oh i definitely can't wait! It's not really fear persay, but more the anticipation combined with my fear of heights.. That and that damn Top Gun music!!
  10. I've been visualizing it for over a year now. Unfortunately, the TopGun soundtrack is also playing in the background. What's up with that???
  11. If you are anything like me, you will want to do another jump as soon as possible. Save the WR for the end of the day with the other people at the DZ...
  12. You had better be waiting for me down there with a White Russian.
  13. Is the link I posted above too expensive? I've seen better deals at some other schools with more jumps for less money...
  14. I thought that your first AFF jump is just you, noone else? or am I completely off base?
  15. I'm thinking of spending the money on this at a local Skydiving place in CT. I've done two tandems jumps and loved it. But I'm really nervous about taking that first solo jump only after a class and one tandem jump. Not worried about about doing it, but the nerves and having everything be literally in your hands. So how'd you get over that first How did you handle your nerves? And on a side note, is the link about a good deal ?
  16. Thanks! :) CT is really beautiful much like most of new england, but a TADDDDD boring at times. I jumped at