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  1. Has been a dream of mine for over a year and a half, and now...that dream has been realized. And yes, I know how most of you can't fathom the idea of climbing out of a plane without a rig...much less landing with a plane! But after the first loop, all my fears were released. It was beyond...awesome.
  2. I've always loved them, and their personality is a perfect match for me.
  3. Ok, now that I have everyone's attention... If you were to get a dog, would you... a. pay thousands of dollars to a breeder and get a purebred or b. get one from the shelter/pound I really want a bull terrier, and if I can't find one in a shelter or a pound somewhere, I might just go directly to a breeder...but I'd much rather save a dog from the shelter. Or should I just stop being snobby and get a dog that'll still be a great companion, just not necessarily the breed I want?
  4. Worksafe visuals wise, not work safe lingo wise. And a hilarious infomercial!!!
  5. I have been skiing for the last week and a half and been using the Hero3 for some videos. And the last day (today) I had two mystery videos. I know they didn't appear out of thin air, because they're between two other videos that i filmed for a specific purpose, and I know what those two videos should be! I know for a fact that a. both videos should be playable, and b. they should be a different size, since one was a quick run through the moguls, and another was an almost 15 minute ride from the top of a mountain all the way to the bottom. The mystery part: both of these videos show up as 2.55GB in size, and blank. In other words, in the preview screen I get solid black. Open them up in any video playing software, and I get solid black and it won't play, can't forward it, etc. Any suggestions?
  6. I have tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.
  7. Q. What did the tree say to Sonny Bono? A. I got you babe. Post yours!
  8. Thanks Spot. Ideally, I'd be using the GoPro for skydiving down the line. But by the time I'm ready to fly with a camera, they'll probably be on GoPro20.
  9. Have all the kinks been worked out yet? Saw and read quite a few complaints on FB and some camera groups, but all that mixed in with positive comments as well. Has anyone here gotten one and used it extensively yet? Also, are the GoPro3 mounts the same as GoPro2? And in case anyone is wondering, I'm using my GoPro2 for winter sports right now. Not skydiving. So don't give me any crap about "...well you don't have enough jumps to jump with a camera..." because I know that. Asking about a GoPro3 because a friend is buying them in bulk and I may be able to get one quite a bit cheaper. Tempted, but not sure if it's worth it.
  10. Stress at my old job made me do it!! I was teaching full time in a local university, and one semester I had this student who was a real cancer to the whole department. She complained about everyone, lied about professors/administrators from our department telling her things about her grades, etc. Expected her mommy/daddy (who were contributors to the school) to always call and make things better for her just with a phone call. Well, she was in my class, wasn't doing any work, and I was failing her. One day it got so bad, that I almost lost my cool with her bullshit in class, but instead, I kicked her out and told her to come back when she adjusted her attitude. She never came back btw. Anyways, that day I was stressed as hell. Walked outside after class, sat down on the bench, and realized I was wound so tight that I would snap soon. Needed a way to de-stress. Looked up at the sky...and that was that. Did a tandem in 2003, 2005, and this happened in late 2008.
  11. Privet Yad! You don't really need an invite persay, you are just going on vacation, right? You should be fine. Yesli budesh na vostochnom poberejie, dai znat.
  12. I AM! Doesn't get me laid but I have fun with it anyway. Ya gotta be careful playing that role, WILL happen: She calls your bluff; now whatchyagonnado? Has your bluff ever been called?
  13. Sounds like a great plan to me. Don't forget the handcuffs.
  14. never ever been a problem for me, In fact my wife bought me my AFF 1 course
  15. Or rather...can it work? Or are skydivers predestined to date other skydivers?
  16. Well, then give me a few weeks to finish it, and you'll see a helmet that would make George Carlin blush.
  17. Hahahahah!!! Besides, I could always use a * instead of the 'u'. I was told once to never have anything on you or IN you that may look bad on a coroners report or a newspaper photo...I use to just have: Blood Type B+ on the back of my helmet, and in smaller letters Organ Donor on the front. Thanks for not telling us what you've had IN you.
  18. Hahahahah!!! Besides, I could always use a * instead of the 'u'.
  19. So, I'm finally getting around to working on the custom drawings on my helmet. I have come up with a few killer typographic designs, but a few of them involve the use of less than savory words, especially the phrase 'f*ck fear'. Although it looks damn cool, I'm wondering if I should put that on my helmet. It'd be pretty permanent. On that note, would you ever embroider a curse word on your jump suit or rig? Or even get one as a tattoo? Of course it would have to do with the skydiving culture...not just random curse words.
  20. Sending grandpa and you good healin' positive vibes. I've been through a lot this summer with my family...feel free to pm me if you need an ear.