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  1. virgin-burner

    Entfernung zur Droozone

    Kauf dir n'wohnwagen! Ich bin auch so anderthalb, zwei stunden weg von meinen zu springenden plätzen, früh raus, das wird schon!
  2. virgin-burner

    I suck - but can still fly with angels

    if you suck, you need a bigger suit!
  3. virgin-burner

    Astra ADD

    the simple answer is: no.
  4. virgin-burner

    Wingsuiting gear questions

    i jump a 119er saphire 2 at about 1.5, i just bought a long bridle since i've got a havoc, i hope this will cure the offheadings and linetwists. if not, i might ask the same question as you do now. or one of them stowless bags maybe? Edit: why dont you ask in the WS-forum?
  5. the simplest solution to this problem i found was selecting a smart design and great workman-ship over some hyped product, so i just bought suits from [url]Phoenix-Fly[/url]!
  6. do a jumping holiday. jump lots. jump. took me about 100 jumps to get rid of the un-easyiness. it'll get better with time!
  7. virgin-burner

    Innie Outie Zipper Modification

    even when i dont agree with it, at least you're making an effort and are doing an "educational" video. that's cool!
  8. virgin-burner

    Bridge Day 2015

    fuck it, just dont go! there's always the OTHER bridge day! HURT them where it does, and that's in their wallets!
  9. virgin-burner

    altering a jumpsuit

    really, 160 views and no-one has tried that before?
  10. virgin-burner

    Offsize Canopies

    where is there an "off"size!?
  11. virgin-burner

    Backpacking Round The World.. How Do I take my rig?

    get the tiniest canopy/reserve you can find; otherwise you will only be able to bring a pair of boxers and a pair of socks with your 25lbs..
  12. virgin-burner

    Canon EOS 7D Mark 2?

    it doesnt have a wink-shutter.
  13. virgin-burner

    Sonic Aerial vs Instructor - Pictures Needed

    how about the v2.0 with the double-cordura on arms and legs? that will slow you down as well, you also have the baggy-option. i'm 178cm and weigh about 90kgs, my fallrate is fine with double and "normal" fit.
  14. virgin-burner

    uspa membership insurance

    "3rd party liability insurance"; says it all, doesnt it!? oh yea, question marks are for losers!
  15. virgin-burner

    Beat the wife

    that is pretty funny actually.. well, you know, not that he hurt himself, but the poster and so on.. wishing him a speedy recovery n'all; and that he gets his million likes!
  16. virgin-burner

    The Physics of Freefall

    all those physics and no metric system used - i'm a little disappointed, to say the least!
  17. virgin-burner

    Wie würdet Ihr Euer Lieblings-Rig zusammenstellen?

    ist irgendwie wie die frage "was ist das beste auto". nur weil ich lambo's geil finde heisst das noch lange nicht dass die praktisch sind, oder dass ich damit mein hundi rumfahren kann, oder überhaupt, dass ich mir den leisten könnte oder wollte. fang mal an zu springen, dann kauf dir ein occasionsrig für ein paar hundert sprünge, dann kauf dir was neues wenn du dann noch immer dabei bist. jumpsuits, helme etc., kauf dir die neu, die springst du dann wahrscheinlich auch immer noch.. ansonsten, FANG ENDLICH MAL ZU SPRINGEN AN!
  18. you just gotta do what you got to do.
  19. virgin-burner

    V306 micron

    i have a pretty decent senior- and master rigger which hates me dearly for putting an OP126 into that very same container; might want to ask UPT about this?
  20. virgin-burner

    Tonfly 2X+ with loose mounting plate?

    the 200 jump minimum doesnt apply to you?
  21. virgin-burner

    when the shit hits the fan

    guck mal "tar&feather BASE" auf fb; 20 skydives, 10 BASE und man geht schon ins valley. oder klaut ein skydive-rig und macht rollovers von ner brücke mit 30 skydives während mehrerer jahre.. soweit mir bekannt ist wars bei den russen ähnlich gelagert..
  22. virgin-burner

    Skydiving in Corsica: video

    corsica is beautiful!
  23. virgin-burner

    Storm vs specter

    no clue what a specter is.. sorry!
  24. virgin-burner

    meine ferien..

    da macht man mal einen scheuen versuch den stammtisch zu beleben.. ZERO response. falsches forum!? schade.