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  1. I havetwo VK's with different lines - a brand new one with 500 Orange Vectran and an older one with 400 black HMA. I don't have enough jumps on the new one to really compare the flight characteristics of the two, but I can say that 400lb black HMA was highly recommended by one of the other camera guys. In fact he sounded like i'd want to cut the orange lines off my new wing and put black 400's on.... but I think it would take a hell of a lot to convince me of that! Once I get some more jumps on both of these hopefully I can make a better comparison between the two line types.
  2. Halfpastniner

    Velocity 79 w/ RDS

    Time Left: 20 days and 23 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    For Sale: Velo 79 with RDS slider and 400lb black hma lines. 1000 jumps on canopy, lines are almost brand new. Everything in great shape and it flies amazing!



  3. Halfpastniner

    Velocity 84


    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    For Sale: Performance Designs Velocity 84 DOM: 03/2009 Jumps: 1,300 (<50 on new lines) One patch on stabilizer, slider has some wear and tear near one of the grommets. No kill lines in slider (I just always rolled it up and stowed it rather than screwing with the kill lines) Good condition, little dusty from Colorado LZ but opens and flies awesome!


    Denver, Colorado - US

  4. Halfpastniner

    Javelin Odyssey 2001 riser cover problem, need advice

    That is a pretty common problem among some of the older javs. Reserve bulk distribution gets pretty important. Get with your rigger and see if he can get some bulk away from the riser covers. When I did mine, I packed the ears of the bag pretty loose, then during the closing process I used everything I had to get the bulk as low as possible. I believe mine is an 01 as well, and I have not had any problems since I packed the reserve. I did have some before. Good luck.
  5. Halfpastniner

    Sigma "Super Drogues"??

    We have a pretty decent amount of Jumps on Simon Drogues. They are total tanks. Last forever with very little maintenance. Simon makes some good stuff, and he is an awesome guy too. Can't go wrong! (except on the whole pin on wrong side thing, but i'm sure he will fix that!)
  6. Halfpastniner

    backflip deployment

    Its super easy. Wear sneakers and not boots with big hooks obviously. We call them Nate Sacks at our dz. http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/video/video.php?v=1017514085761
  7. Halfpastniner

    Skydiving app Drop for free

    Thanks Adam. Words with friends was getting boring, and I need something else to occupy my time during class!
  8. Halfpastniner

    So I hung it over a barb wire fence.

    I've seen it done a bunch with base canopies. As long as you are very careful taking the canopy out of the barb wire, you should be able to get away without much damage. Obviously if you just start yanking on it, it will probably be in bad shape.
  9. Halfpastniner

    Job as a packer?

    Packing at my dropzone is the only way I could afford to jump. Get a real job mon-friday then pack on the weekends and put it all towards jumping. Plus if yours on staff you might get some discounted jumps.
  10. haha lucky is right! Good video
  11. Halfpastniner

    New PD, one cell, cross braced canopy

    I heard its meant to stop line overs due to it onle having 6 lines. Awesome idea. awesome
  12. Halfpastniner

    New Cincinnati skydiver here

    Im a bit farther north at AerOhio, but i hope to make it down there some time to check out start. Welcome!
  13. Halfpastniner

    Sabre replacement slider

    He cut a hole in the slider because it opened to hard??????? I would talk to a local rigger to find the measurements your looking for. I had a Sabre 190 as my first canopy also. I had my rigger sew a pocket on the slider and the openings were perfect. Defiantly wouldnt go the hole in the slider route!
  14. Halfpastniner

    my busted shoulder.pt 2

    I had surgery because of a dislocation as well. Took about three months to get back in the air. (luckily it happened over the winter). On the ground my arch is a little lopsided as well, but with good instructors you should have no trouble learning to fly with a bad arm. You can get around having poor flexibility with an arm. After surgery, it should be very strong, but limited motion. Keep up doing PT stretch excersises. If you want it bad enough it shouldn't be a problem at all. (I do want to learn to scuba too so i wouldnt blame you for trying that instead
  15. Halfpastniner


    Not just group size, but orientations as well. Belly fliers usually go out first (largest groups to small) then vertical fliers (largest groups to small). Then your bird men and high pullers. (sometimes varies by dz)