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  1. Haha....yeo...with some more tricks involved ;)
  2. Anyone driving from sebastian to Tampa around the 6th or after the boogie??? I can switch dates if anyone will drive me to the airport, i got gas food and random shit!!!
  3. I fit a optimum 126 and crossfire 2 129 with 50 jumps in a MIrage MT.5 It was all just fine!!!
  4. IMO I think the coach course is way to easy! They should up it to 200 jumps and make you work for it alot more!
  5. Maybe you should have your rating you got out of a cracker jack box pulled for pushing people out of doors ;)
  6. 1000 Jumps 1 Cutaway, self induced line twists at 170 jumps
  7. put it in a bag of rice for a will take all the water out of it
  8. Yes your leg straps usually come undone! Very Scary
  9. And if he'd freaked, and started grabbing handles, or maybe grabbed the TI's hands and toggles in a death grip at 50 feet? D'oh!! Never thought of that, did we? No problem; as long as it's funny, that makes it ok. At 50 feet he already knew about the joke...hell at 1k feet he knew about could see that sign from 2k
  10. You guys gotta calm down, he was cool with it after he landed, the whole crew jumped and if i remember correctly streeter wanted to jump again after!
  11. No well it used to be a 10-12 week wait around july it basically doubled
  12. And if you're a skydiving professional that's cool for your taxes! What about next year though! Id rather use this rig as a write off for next year! But damn 22 weeks is insane....over 5 order went in today i hope its here before the season starts!
  13. Whats up with the wait being so long all of the sudden, the changed it today from 18 weeks to 22 weeks. 5 and a half months is crazy, anyone know why it almost doubled in time over the past few weeks?
  14. Nothing i even sent an email yesterday and response! I have a feeling were not gonna get it for another few weeks.
  15. I understand that but whats the reason for that?
  16. DSE Can you explain...looked it up around the web but most people werent explaining it right! Searched on here also and nothing
  17. Well the difference here is he attempted to kick out of it.... No the difference is you are a retard and the skyhook saved your life!!! Edited to add: No PA's here just facts
  18. Well the difference here is he attempted to kick out of it....
  19. You could have saved all this arguing and commotion by kicking out of it!