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  1. Are fun jumper loads going to 4k all day thu-sun? Or is it still kinda slow?
  2. Did you guys all get the email about no turns more then 180 Degrees :(
  3. Yooo Yeyo Ready for some hardcore track dives!!!
  4. I have bought sony mini dv tapes in the blue packaging for about 1.65 a tape :)....that of course a 100 pack and it turns out to be 165 shipped!!! I have a few hundred stocked up!!
  5. Dom all you need is the pants for the most part, the jacket will mess you up with track dives in a group!! But if you want to stay up for longer the pants work really well alone, the jacket doesnt add much performance. Call me with any questions!
  6. sell ya canon xsi with 29-80mm lens for 475 ;) comes with body armor and everything else!!
  7. I got plentyyyyyyy more coming your way!!
  8. So tell him to get a class one? When i was going to school to get a private pilots license they gave me a first class. I didnt finish the license and i still have it...why cant he just do that?
  9. I bought alot of gear from Paul, Recommend him to my friends who have bought gear from him, my friend just got a base canopy from him, i have never had a problem with that cracker. He wouldn't sell something bad or hide it, he shows all the damages on his gear that he sells, the canopy is old shit happens tough luck!
  10. I had the canon 15mm and it wasnt wide enough, i had the canon 10-22 and it was too heavy and too long for my liking, i think the tokina beats them both by a longshot!
  11. I would much rather go with the tokina 10-17mm, you can go wider or zoom, i only shoot with a 10 on it! Check out some of my shots on the picture thread at the end!! You wont be disappointed,
  12. Just called USPA this afternoon and they said i can use a first class...nice!!
  13. So if i got it 1/26/09 and im taking my course this weekend it will be fine?
  14. I know you need your third class medical to do tandems, i was just told a first class would work just fine as i have it for flying. Is this true? Getting my tandem rating this weekend just wondering if i have to spend another 90 bucks for no reason?
  15. It is a kingston...and my Micro SD card worked perfect in there
  16. DSE any guess to as why this is happening?
  17. Well i had a SD mini 4gd card in the camera thats about 2 years old. Everyone keeps talking about how you need a class 6 card for better performance and quality, so i ordered a kingston 8gb class 6 SDHC ultimate 133x card for about 45 bucks, it will take pictures in the camera but no video...any reason why this better card isnt working with the camera? Really annoying problem right now
  18. Hey none all...thanks for the good words though :)
  19. Go with the N3, i have 2 of em ;) Love them
  20. Just to let you guys know those werent edited at all