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  1. Bushmasta


    My first container and it is GREAT. Comfort than the infinities, and javelins i've jumped. flaps never come undone, even in free fly. Equal to all the higher ends containers, that you pay for the name and same quality.
  2. my rig is being packed, first rig. never jumped, i do plan on reading the manual, thanks for the replies.
  3. When changing DZ do you have to do anything special to the Cypress? i.e. you jump in FL and go to a DZ in AZ w/ your rig. Or do i just turn it on and jump?
  4. How is this done? And what is it exactly? any tips?
  5. Still new to this, but the article mentioned a flat turn? what is this, I don't recall this in training? How is it performed?
  6. My friend and I both bought Wings containers from Para-Service and love them. Price was a big attraction as well as quality, and for the price of one of the well knowns, I had a new rig just for me. I have the quilted pack and articulated harness, w/ condura BOC. If anything, I might have changed the reserve to a PD, had i the cash. I got the hornet as well and its a blast. Hopefully they will stay low priced and maintain the quality, but I fear as their names grow, the price will too.
  7. "The experienced jumpers had no problem with someone 40 feet off to one side.. the new jumpers would turn away then back to their pattern almost every time." I will admit that is what i would probably do. I am all for safety, but some jumpers at DZ are stand offish to new jumpers. We can't get any better w/out help. Some of the experienced jumpers act as if they been jumping like a pro from the begining. For the sport to grow, I think a more open attitude is needed. I have noticed the big difference between a small DZ vs a large one. At my local DZ b/f it close, experienced jumpers were always willing to jump w/ you and offer constructive criticism. Bascially as long as everyone was safe and landed ok. Bigger ones are sometimes appear to give off the vibe of how dare you show up w/ only a A/B license. I'm still very new, but this has been my experience. I've only jumped two places Yuma and Eloy, though so I may be off. My last time at Eloy was actually very fun and a lot of helpful people. I'm jurious curious about these boogies.
  8. I'm relatively new to the sport. I have a B license w/ 60 jumps. I see boogies advertised in USPA mag, but the small prints reads must have D license on some. Does this mean new jumpers are not welcome? Or they can't jump the different planes i.e. c-130, helicopeters, and hot ballons? Does USPA require that we have additional training to jump these platforms. The boogies sound fun and I would love to attend one, but don't want to be shunned for only showing up w/ a B license and either would my friend, who just got his A license.
  9. Are there any license requirements to jump from the C-130. I only have a B license. I hear some boogies require a C or D to jump from other aircraft other than the norm. Still new to this sport, i've only jumped C-130 military static, and would love a chance to dive one.
  10. jumped them static in the military too, but want a skydive out of one. skydiving out of a UH-60 would be great, any chopper for that matter.
  11. Need locations in the states, a lot replied, but i'm unfamliar w/ the names. I need locations. Russia would be great, but that would have to be in the way future.
  12. Any addtional requirements to jump from a helicopter as far as license? I have a B license and would like to try and jump from a helo someday. any DZs jump helos?
  13. Are there any DZ that have helicopters for jumps? do you need a C or D license? Would love to jump a helicopter someday.
  14. what is IIRC? I just got a used copy of pack like a pro, and i'm going to watch it. The manual does show a pro pack, but a book is nothing like seeing it in person step by step.
  15. I'm still new to the sport w/ 60 jumps and a class B rating. I just got my own container, wings w/ a 230 hornet. All I ever learned was to flat pack. Any ideas on a good instructional to pro pack? My local DZ closed down, so no one to talk to or teach me. I have to make the drive to Eloy now. My old dz was very friendly and helpful w/ packing questions. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Stay safe.