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  1. pashakiev

    New jumper questions

    Do you WANT to jump at all? ... Elsinore is very nice place, best to my knowledge, not much jumping in Nevada though (i was there yesterday... 3rd time passing by, but not jumping due to high winds...) If it is your wife that wants AFF, support her in it... but explain that it is not for you, You have already done more than most people... You have a tandem jump. to answer your questions: 1) Automatic Activation Device - Mandatory for students anywhere in US. 2) Cutaways. average ~ 1000 (but really depends :):) some folks have 5000 + jumps with no chops... and some seem to "like" getting rid of their main every 100 or something ~~~~ This sport is lots of fun. it is not for everyone though, so no reason to rape yourself if there is no "want to!" Blue skies
  2. pashakiev

    Mile-Hi Skydiving Center

    This is my home DZ, and I go there every week. for about 1.5 years now. DZ gets lots of tandems in summer, but not once have I been "bumped from the load" or heard of anyone being bumped. As far as I can tell DZ is ran with good ethics and has very professional staff. Read some bitching here about "dusty and long ride to the loading/area" and "bad vibe for jumpers" - BS. The ride is a con for the DZ, but not even worth mentioning. And "The Vibe" depends only on us (skydivers) as the DZ / Staff is VERY "jumper friendly". Great / timely Rigging Services A+ VERY professional staff, that has no trouble "leveling" with new jumpers and explaining "stuff". A+++ Mile-Hi.
  3. pashakiev

    Skydive DeLand

    Thank you very much guys, The place is awesome, Aircraft rocks! Bar right @ the DZ is very nice, ... I don't think you need much advertisement, so thank you once again. Truly sorry about your loss. :( Blue Skies.