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  1. fastphil

    1000th Jump videos

    No vid, just a still shot of mine.
  2. fastphil

    Low Altitude Helicopter jump?

    is the book on Amazon yet?
  3. fastphil

    Low Altitude Helicopter jump?

    I jumped a small helicopter with next to nothing airspeed from about 1000-1100 feet with a freepacked StratoFlyer; took a couple of seconds freefall to enjoy the proximity of the treetops and still had a decently long canopy ride. The problem with lower jumps requiring extreme accuracy is lack of canopy time to set up your landing.
  4. fastphil

    North pole Skydiving

    Always land facing south.
  5. fastphil

    Freepacked opening

    Anybody know where I could view Mike Sizemore's work or possibly get some reprints??
  6. fastphil

    how do you plan a big way????

    Looks like you're re-inventing Magnet Men
  7. I liked it, but what do I know...
  8. I can't remember, and there were BASE and demos and parties and other unofficial locations, so I voted boobies.
  9. fastphil

    Quick addiction

    It took me just one jump to get hooked.
  10. fastphil

    AFF camp

    No matter the maneuver, stability or lack of stability, time and space awareness are absolutely essential in skydiving. I guess you've figured that out.
  11. Congrats, How about, "Love is in the air"
  12. fastphil

    Naked World Record

    Memories are the best possessions, and notice the BASCR card is sexist anyway...
  13. fastphil

    Naked World Record

    Way Cool. Late 1970ish we did an 11 way nekkid star at Spaceland from a small door twin beech; my only nekkid jump and the most awkward seating for the ride up I ever encountered.
  14. fastphil

    Parachutist Magazine, September 1979

    I don't have it. I do have the September, 1980 edition, with the Nationals results though, that's the one I remembered. I do, however, have a 1979 Nationals Beer Mug...
  15. fastphil

    Parachutist Magazine, September 1979

    Is that the issue with the team pics in it. I might have it, but I churn and divest my hoarded stuff occasionally. Or, did you already find one...