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  1. I jumped a small helicopter with next to nothing airspeed from about 1000-1100 feet with a freepacked StratoFlyer; took a couple of seconds freefall to enjoy the proximity of the treetops and still had a decently long canopy ride. The problem with lower jumps requiring extreme accuracy is lack of canopy time to set up your landing.
  2. Anybody know where I could view Mike Sizemore's work or possibly get some reprints??
  3. Wish I hadn't clicked on this one, now I'll be wondering all the time.
  4. Agree; even bicycling Wolf Creek Pass it takes a good tuck to hit 60.
  5. I can't remember, and there were BASE and demos and parties and other unofficial locations, so I voted boobies.
  6. It took me just one jump to get hooked.
  7. No matter the maneuver, stability or lack of stability, time and space awareness are absolutely essential in skydiving. I guess you've figured that out.
  8. I had plans to do that once, with a buddy; we were going to strap two lawn chairs together. We instead discovered some formations nearby (towers) that could be climbed and offered a free fall opportunity and went that way instead. BASE took off and we never got back to our lawn chair jump. I know, just another lawn chair whuffo.
  9. If only we had a place where we could go to search for these things. Thanks Flyer... would it be to much to ask to get me a blue ray disc while your at it?
  10. Could that be considered a robot?