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  1. fastphil

    1000th Jump videos

    No vid, just a still shot of mine.
  2. fastphil

    Low Altitude Helicopter jump?

    is the book on Amazon yet?
  3. fastphil

    John Wayne

    Sorry for your loss...
  4. I was taught to kick my legs to help spin and untwist the lines. I've seen many students start this procedure at exit, presumably a pre-emptive motive...
  5. Here's one of my favorites...
  6. fastphil

    Dropzone Social Dynamics?

    Say goodbye to the old friends and bring a case of beer and stay late when you go the DZ...
  7. fastphil

    79 turkey boogie

    Not ’79, but I competed (?) 1976 and ’77. Teams did real well too, all of us lived. DC-3s were plentiful and there were times when your could lay on the ground and watch four teams in the air at once, one exiting, one at break-off, one under canopy and another just landing; and that pace would go for hours. There were 101 ten-way teams in ’77. I was on one of the 3s that lost an engine on take-off. We did a go around at about 300 feet and landed without incident (except tight buttholes). I helped a friend out of a tree where he had landed his reserve and saw another reserve rider drug away by high winds after landing. Four teams rode on each flight, so there were no accommodations for cameras, and jump runs ran about one minute apart. I met Carl Boenish, Bill Booth, Jim Hooper and possibly other heroes, and watched spellbound as Charlie McGurr plummeted onto the packing shed roof after a canopy collusion. After-hours the Herd shot off the milk jug cannon, rode a wild semi (truck) around the DZ and burned hay bales in the camping area. N2O was universally available from big industrial bottles though a rubber hose, with lots of beer, smoke, etc. for relaxation. Those were some good ole days…
  8. fastphil

    JOS Jump

    That is a big deal; do you think ya'll will keep jumping
  9. I always thought lookin' good was important...
  10. fastphil

    Marriage proposal idea's

    Skydiving requires skillz??
  11. fastphil

    Naked Speed

    How was nekkid opening shock - OW
  12. fastphil

    WSCR Awards available again

    I found getting my WSCR and NWSCR took all the maneuvering skill I could muster, and then there were the actual skydives also...
  13. fastphil

    Wallace's DZ and Spa, Sunday, 1960s

    Houston summers are still hot and humid but air condition is a lot easier to find now then it was in the 1960s...
  14. fastphil

    Freeflyin' with CG Godfrog

    The photo says it all (and in fewer words). Thanks for the story...