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  1. AFF student trolling dropzone.com looking for tips on mastering turns and I come across my own JM starting this discussion....HAHA! Level 6 this Friday...and hopefully Level 7! Was going to hit the tunnel to work on a slight "leak" I am getting after I have stopped turning. After reading this I think it is best not to add any instruction outside of what I am receiving at Kapowsin as it would probably knock down my confidence a bit. FYI - John and the rest of the crew at Kapowsin are just about the finest humans I have ever encountered - and the instruction is absolutely amazing. I've found forums with stories of unprofessional behavior at DZ's...All I have to deal with is which world class Skydiver is going to take me up for my next level....Andy, Luke, Khasha, John, Dennis...it's crazy how good they all are! Every time I pull in I instantly want to turn around and head home...but knowing they are going to take me on this journey gets me through the door every time! Damn this terrifying and addictive sport! Time to get these flips out of the way an finish AFF!
  2. Made two jumps today - level 2 and 3. Work with same jump coaches John and Andy as well as Andy's wife. First jump today I was almost frozen - but pulled off a great exit and solid performance. I was ready to rock on the next one. Nerves were 1/8th of the first. Leaving the plane is absolute ecstasy...and I'm convinced that drop zones are just opium dens for adrenaline junkies.
  3. On a serious note - I will be making my next jumps on Wednesday - I have been drilling down my exit and other procedures - but I swear the nerves seem impossible once I get to the door. How many jumps until this subsides? It's more adreline than fear I'm sure...but still makes it difficult to stay focused on the tasks at hand...any good mental exercises to make this better? Instructors said I'm doing fine...minor adjustments on legs...but it's going to progress quickly from here - pressure is on and I'm a perfectionist!
  4. Pretty sure I've just made an expensive mistake. First AFF jump this weekend at Kapowsin in WA. Didn't think we would be able to get up and just before giving up and leaving we were called up. With two uber experienced jumpers (Andy and John with something like 25k jumps between the two of them) I was first out of the plane - for about 90% of the ride up I thought there was ZERO chance that I'd actually get my self to jump...thank the good lord I didn't hesitate. I'm hooked. That is one crazy high. Very professional jump zone and instructors. Hoping for success through the rest of my program! And hoping that my bank account is prepared for the beating it is about to take :-)