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  1. We have a few slots left. Let me know if youd like to join 5 jumps over the pyramids, 3 C-130 and 2 from MI-17 Heli, skyseekers boogie part II is on people, contact me for further info and booking. Fly over one of the 7 wonders of the world. 19th - 25th of October 2019 Price includes jumps and stay in 5* hotel for the duration of the boogie, all info can be found on our group below. Join us. Organizers: Olav Zipser Ralph Grimm Wes Sandler Payment link: Registration link: Group link: Don't miss out, see you in Egypt
  2. HRY

    Skyseekers Pyramids Boogie II

    Hi Boys and Girls, We are announcing our second Pyramids Boogie, 5 jumps 3 from c130 altitude 13 to 15 thousand feet based on clearance 2 jumps from MI-17 Helicopter altitude 9 to 12 thousand feet based on final clearance LZ will be the great pyramids of giza Schedule: Arrival the 19th of October Briefing at LZ 20th of October Jumps 21-22-23 October Reserve days 24-25 October One jump c-130 in the morning and 1 jump helicopter in the afternoon on the 1st 2 days 3rd day 1 jump C-130 Price is $2200 Price for companions is $600 ( no jumps ) Price includes 1) Jumps 2) 5 star hotel in a double room on a half board basis breakfast and dinner 3) Transportation to and from the LZ Food vendors will be available at the LZ and we are planning on music and entertainment. if all goes well in the 3 jump days we will offer extra jumps on the reserve days from MI-17 and C-130 based on the number of participants requesting it price per jump will be set based on the number of participants on the extra jumps so if you are interested in extra jumps, please say so! Please join our Facebook group at, all details and updates are in here: Registration is open, save your slot: SkySeekers team
  3. Hi Everyone, December is going to be crazy in Egypt boys and girls! We are accommodating 55 slots (first come, first serve.) and 5 Jumps (YES, FIVE!!!) from C-130 @ 15,000 feet – 4500 meters. Exit and land over and near the pyramids!!! I also took the liberty of inviting two of our special guests, world record holders, world class organizers and badasses none the less Amy Chmelecki & Jeff Provenzano, Both from Red Bull Air Force will be joining us to help you “get your freak on” over the Pyramids! We’re going nuts here because this is the cheapest pyramids event to date, 5 jumps with the same price of previous 3 jumps event. Christmas is coming earlier this year people, pack your rig and sun screen & come to Egypt! Please contact me for any info, all details are in the event details on Facebook. or email me for details & registration or contact me on Facebook
  4. HRY

    Sky Seekers - Pyramids Boogie I

    Alia Parachuting & Skydiving Academy with the co-operation of Egyptian Parachuting & Air Sports Federation, would like to invite you to our sky seekers boogie I. An international skydiving boogie over the most historic place in the world the great pyramids of Giza , one of the 7 wonders of world and greatest complex of structures on the planet (The skydive of all skydives!) ‘’ Imagine the view ‘’ We are planning on accommodating every participant with five C-130 Jumps minimum exit altitude is 15,000 feet (4500 meters). Our jumpers will exit theC-130 ramp and fly over the pyramids and land near them as well Event is coordinated by Egyptian skydiving instructor Mohamed El-Hawary (Moe), USPA TI, AFFI and S&TA. There are 2 world class Load organizers; Amy Chmelecki and Jeffro Provenzano. Coming from the Red bull Airforce from the USA, they will be joining us to give everyone the ultimate flying experience. Arrival date to Cairo International Airport (CAI) on the 8th of December 2018. Jumping days 9th, 10th and 11th; time of the jumps depends on the weather conditions throughout the days chosen. Departure date from Cairo International Airport (CAI) on the 11th of December 2018 after jumps, or the next day (but you’re more than welcome to stay and explore Egypt after the event). Master rigger available on sight if you chop and need to repack. Requirements/Criteria to join the event: - Minimum qualifications USPA B-license or equivalent from any of the respected associations (copy must be sent among the documents during booking your slot) - Minimum 100 logged jumps (copy of the logbook must be sent among the documents during booking your slot) - Using camera is a minimum of 200 logged jumps - Must bring and pack your own equipment, reserve repacked and inspected by a certified rigger within the last 180 days (copy of the rig card must be sent among the documents during booking your slot) - Payment of committed participants, must be payed in full between 20th of October and 15th of November (contact info below to forward bank account details) - Copy of passport for military clearance (we are taking the C-130 from an Airforce military base. - Itinerary once arrival and departure flights are booked to arrange hotel pick up service with the hotel management. All documents flights to be booked and payments must be set and verified before the jump on the 20th of October - 15th of November 2018 (Deadline). We have 55 Limited slots for this boogie. There is a 50$ registration fee to book your slot till the above mentioned dates. There are a few price options: 1,750$ (USD): Fixed price includes: - Five C-130 jumps - Two camerapersons to film the load organized formations - Transport from and to Cairo International Airport (CAI) on arrival and departure dates - 5* hotel reservation all inclusive - Double hotel bedroom, shared with another person from the event if single room, extra fee is required* - Daily transport to the aircraft loading area and back from the landing area to the hotel after the jumps o To upgrade to Single room it’s an additional 100$ o Fee for companion is 500$ (includes hotel, transport and entry to the pyramids LZ) Also including sight-seeing tours - Khan El-Khalili bazaar - The Egyptian Museum - Dinner overlooking the Nile Please note: We are holding a quick briefing on the 8th evening at the hotel. Other local sight-seeing attractions that we recommend to see outside of jumping time: Please check out these attractions in the following link For more inquires or questions, please contact us: Email: Boogie registration link:
  5. HRY

    Sky Camp

    After travelling to most of world class DZs, made hundreds of jumps, i can say that this is one of the best Dzs I've ever had the chance to Jump in. Safe area, Amazingly well equipped, People who are friendly and know what they are doing, who wont hesitate to help, train and help with your progression. Amazing manifest, This place is also amazing for newbies and students who are willing to start in the sport. and of course fun for tandems. Thanks to all the staff and amazing people there.
  6. HRY

    Aeroklub Wroclaw

    2 week’s before I went we texted the dz manager and asked if I can come to make the exam and the license jump and I was told it’s ok and confirmed I can do it in English. We texted the instructor examiner the night before I went, telling him that I’m not Polish and that I don’t know English and I sent him the documents, then he told my girlfriend that it’s ok to come, so I drove for 3 hours hoping to get my exam and license jump done. When I arrived and gave him my documents, he told me that I can’t make the exam because I have to take authorization from the civil aviation authority. He called out dz manager and asked her and she said there is no such thing and that I’m not the first foreigner skydiver they had, my girlfriend talked to the Dz owner and lead instructor, he called him and told him the same and reminded him that I drove 3 hours for this. A few minutes later, the lead instructor examiner came to me with his manager (translator) and told me that I can’t have the exam because I don’t speak Polish and they can’t translate, I told them that they were told on text both of them that I was a foreigner and that both of them acknowledged that. He said that he didn’t read the text and for the second time asked me to leave because I can’t have the exam. I told him that I can do the jump with him and the exam back at the dz without dz chief instructor or the manager and I’ll send it back or even on the phone with my girlfriend. He said no!!! I call again our dz manager and she said she’ll get right on the translation and send the exam back in English. I gave manifest my documents to input me in their system till the translation is complete. After one and half hours the documents weren’t touched and no one added me on the system and again I was asked to come tomorrow because they can’t do it today. I simply called the manager and asked her not to translate anything and came back to the Dz another 3 hours driving. After going to Skydive Wroclaw for one day, seeing how they operate, their way of handling skydivers and their equipment. I can only say that it’s the shittiest dropzone I’ve ever been on and even calling that place a skydiving center is an insult to the sport. If this place was the last place on earth to jump, I’m quitting the sport! Never fuckin again!!! I can’t believe the world games was held here, impossible to imagine!!!
  7. Hey guys, I need help knowing how to skydive in the north pole it has been a dream for years to land at the 90° N mark. If anyone knows anything or done it before do tell me how. Thank you
  8. HRY

    Skydive Arizona

    I started skydiving there in October 2014, it is an amazing place and facilities, Professional Instructors, and amazing well maintained Air-crafts, Special Thx to all my Instructors and amazing Friends that i made there. Awesome place to get Drunk as well Fuckin Eloy !!!