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  1. until
    Bring your team to compete for the 2020 international title in 4-way FS! 10 rounds from Twin Otters Judged by FAI internationally rated judges. For intermediate, advanced and open categories! Chief Judge: Jim Rees Meet Director: Randy Connell Scored by Omniskore Teams will get discounted lift tickets of $23 for team practice jumps and $28 for competition jumps. Registration Cost: $100 per competitor Online registration here:
  2. SDAZ

    Patriot's Boogie

    July 3rd - 5th This Boogie will support and raise money for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation (SOWF), a non-profit organization that raises money to provide college educations to the surviving children of Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps special operations personnel killed in combat or training. Come out and jump to celebrate the 4th of July and give back to the families of those that have given everything for our country. Fundraising Efforts $4 from every sport jump and $25 from every tandem jump donated to the SOWF 100% of T-shirt sales donated. $10 raffle tickets for: One hour of tunnel time! Event Highlights No registration Fee! $22 tickets Saturday after jumping: Pool party, boogie beer, and BBQ!
  3. SDAZ

    Tandem Skydive

    Adventures In Skydiving at Skydive Arizona. Instructor Aaron Schmidt.
  4. SDAZ

    AFF Cat A jump

    Instructors from Adventures In Skydiving doing a Category A jump with new student.
  5. SDAZ

    AXIS B License Day

    Through this course, you'll gain an in-depth understanding of your parachute and learn from our expert coaches how to maximize your safety and performance while flying your wing. Unfortunately, most skydivers prioritize sign-offs over improving their individual canopy skills, leading to unprepared skydivers and unsafe flying, especially in challenging or unfamiliar conditions.This course will instill the fundamental habits of safer, controlled canopy flying that you can build upon for years to come. We will focus on advanced canopy control, active flying, and awareness. With safety in mind, our course focuses on giving you an advanced understanding of canopy flight as well as challenging you with important canopy control and input exercises.Above all else, we seek to improve your confidence and skill as a canopy pilot.The course includes*Classroom instruction*Canopy handling drills*Precision slow-flight*Stall control and recovery*Proper handling and application of toggles and risers*Individual analysis of all landings*Practical, personal instruction between jumpsAn AXIS coach will watch your entire canopy flight on all jumps and record your approach and landing. There will be a video debrief and theoretical class work after each jump.
  6. SDAZ

    Coach Rating Course

    USPA Coach Examiner Jared Miller will be conducting a Coach Rating Course at Skydive Arizona.If you are interested and meet the requirements to become a USPA Coach, please contact Jared directly at: [email protected]
  7. SDAZ

    Flight-1 (101 & 102)

    PD Factory Team member, Justin Price will be teaching Flight-1 101 & 102 Canopy Courses at Skydive Arizona on the 4th & 5th of January 2020Module 100 provides the cornerstone for safety & survival skills under canopy. Throughout this module you will learn the essential skills required for consistently accurate landings, various control inputs, how to deal with emergency situations and effectively managing air traffic.Flight 101 & 102 courses satisfy the requirements for USPA's Canopy Piloting Proficiency Card for your B license and go way above and beyond them.Flight 101 - Saturday 4th JanuaryFlight 102 - Sunday 5th JanuaryCost per course is $150 plus 5 hop n pops.To join, sign up here:
  8. SDAZ

    Superhero SIS

    SUPER SIS! We all have a hero inside, come to SIS to show it...Rego now to get the event-shirt, come early to Huck Thursday night, bring a 5 minute video for Friday's Film Fest, jump all day Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Get in on sweet tunnel flights, qualify for Super Discounted SkyVenture tunnel time with free-coaching during the event, swag, prizes, dinner Friday/Saturday and be a Superhero.Register below to secure your spot. Ladies $65- shirt, dinner, drinks, discounted tunnel time, prizes, and more Registration Closes: 1/10/2020Guys $40- includes dinner/drinks Friday & Saturday night contact Amy Benton or Chazi Blacksher
  9. until
    No registration fee - discounted $22 lift ticketsOrganizing by Arizona Dream, AZ X-Force and Arizona AirspeedCrazy 8s event brought to you by Arizona AnthemCanopy training by Justin PriceNightly Entertainment and Free Boogie Beer!Annual costume contest with Epic prizes! Free Curv container for Best Costume!Sugar skull face painting, Hot air balloon jumps, DC-3 jumps and more!
  10. SDAZ

    Arizona Days - Back to School

    Hey Skydive Arizona class of 1980! Come enjoy our boogie for the locals! No registration! $22 lift tickets, Organizing by AZTC and Dream! Friday Night Football: Sunset High-Pull swoop and play (Teams of 4)Saturday Hybrid Competition, winning team gets 1 hour of tunnel time! (Teams of 6)Saturday Night: Brisket dinner - a gift to you from the Hill familyFollowed by Prom Night! Sunday is the Freshman First Timer Jumps: Do something new, cross an item of your skydive bucket list! High altitude jumps, Porter jumps and more!
  11. SDAZ

    AFF-I Rating Course

    You must meet the qualifications to participate in this course. Contact [email protected] for more details.
  12. SDAZ

    AFF-I Course

    Must be eligible for AFF-I rating. Contact [email protected] with questions.
  13. Hey Neko! The school here in Eloy is Adventures In Skydiving. They regularly see students who travel to Arizona specifically so finish AFF in a week. If you have already done some jumps and tunnel time in Perris, you will be able to count those jumps towards your license. The best time to jump in Eloy is between the months of October and and March. During these months, it is absolutely possible to make 4 jumps a day. There is also a wind tunnel on site that you can practice in to help you pass your levels. There is a bunkhouse to stay in which is $8 USD per night with free hot showers and free WiFi. The view at Eloy is also a desert but we have beautiful mountains (Picacho Peak and Newman Peak) that look like the desert scenery in old Western films. You can email the school to see about their winter schedule: [email protected]