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  1. Sorry for a late reply everyone, I'd been busy at work. Thank you for the recommendation, but the fact that the instructor is a Korean doesn't really bring anything to the table for me xD I'm completely fluent in English, so there's no reason to specifically find someone originated from my country. Those are very solid suggestions, even with links for convenience! Thank you, I'll look into them. I still do have about a year to plan(It's not like I can just take a 1~2 week long leave without letting the department know, so I'll have to give at least a 5~6 month notice for such a long leave.) My priority in learning is scenery because it will be one of my few opportunities to go travelling(budget, time, etc) - so I thought having some eye candy would be better than looking into the desert for 30+ jumps. Thank you for the information! I think your school is the one that was mentioned above, too. I'll take a look around in the website and contact when I have some solid schedule. I've seen some arguments on AFF vs STP before - still not sure how they differ though. Thanks for the program suggestion along with +rep on Skydive Spaceland. I'll take it into consideration.
  2. I've done AFF lvl 1 & 2 instead of tandem a couple years back, mainly because I wanted to drop by myself and not hoisted to a mother duck. I had a great experience at Skydive Perris, but to be honest the view while falling wasn't that great since it was pretty much just a desert. Their indoor skydiving was useful for learning initial posture, though. I'm a cubicle worker/slave in Korea, but I'd like to own a license since it'll allow me to do some skydiving around the world relatively cheaper when I get to travel(aside from the initial expensive refresher jump I'll have to do). Since everything is more expensive in Korea(around $500 per jump, $2 for a 500ml of coke) & I can't get the USPA A-license here, I'd like to use my vacation time to go anywhere in the States(or even somewhere non-US, although I'm not sure if USPA license can be acquired out of the US) to do all the 25 jumps and AFF courses. Budget is about $5~6k including the plane ticket back and forth and lodging for about a week, so that leaves about $3~4k for jumping. It'll have to be finished in a week or 8~9 days tops, so I'll have to jump about 4 times per day I guess. I'd like a location that will allow such strict time schedule, along with not too expensive rates and good view(preferably). If I fail to get my license in one trip, that means I'll have to shell out for a 9000km plane ticket once again, while getting unpleasant glares from my boss. Any suggestions welcome, thank you.